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Postal Code Search

Lucky Stars

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I have tried to search off from the home page by entering a postal code in the UK, and I keep coming up with results in Germany.


No offense to Germany, but its not quite what I was looking for.


Is this a bug? Or is something cached in my browser perhaps? The same happens when I try to use Hide and Seek a Cache. Depending on how I enter the Postal Code, I am taken to Australia or China. Perhaps the site does not work with UK postal codes any more?




Lucky Stars

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Hi guys from Down under, We to found that this was an issue but also found a way around.

By typing not only the postcode but also the state we found that the search worked.

EG. by typing 2777 NSW, we got Springwood in New South Wales, which is the correct location.

I hope this finds a way to help you guys out.

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Dear Christmas Fairy (Geocaching Dept.),


Here in the U.K. there are a lot of discontented geocachers who are unhappy because the U.K. postcode search doesn't work properly. It would make them happy again if you could fix it for them.


Merry Christmas!


Thank you... in anticipation.




P.S. In the meantime I'll just continue leaving the last letter off the postcode search.



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