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Cape Union Mart Reindeer.

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Just after the co-ordinates where release for the PE one,

we were about 4-6 people searching for it. I did not recognise any of them as local geocachers.


We searched for it for about 2 hours without any luck.

Trust me if I say it was well hidden in an area with thick thorny bush & trees.


I searched again this morning for about an hour, only realizing later it was found last night at 7:15pm.


And in the end, I think some NON-geocacher found it !! :):):);):santa:

Not sure where though...


I defnatively need to brush up on my caching skills ! :santa::D:):D

(As the vision of a shiney new garmin GPS fades like mist before my eyes...)

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You seem to have skirted questions about placing one of the reindeer in Richmond Park. Is it just chance that YOURS was the nearest cache? Did you help C.U.M.?


what do you mean skirted questions! There was no such diect questions levelled at me!

I had nothing to do with it, pure coincidence.


Incidentally, my cache close to that one (Thud) was going to have a sister cache placed near Crystal pools in Gordons Bay in Sept, if only it had stopped raining!


Besem, yes the final overseas one is going to be in new york

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