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It just figures.....

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That Christmas Recipe list was from a contest on THIS forum. The recipes were all contributed by GEOCOIN COLLECTORS. You're right. No actual geocoins were sold, or used in the recipes. Just hope those who might be interested will see it before the post ends up on page 31.


That's a big part of the reason I quit coming to these forums. Guess I'm just not part of the clique. So, go ahead and close this one, too. I'm outta here. Ho ho ho.

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Good grief folks - it's not the end of the world.


This forum is for geocoins, not recipies from geocoiners, our favorite clothes, what we ate for breakfast, etc.


It's not a difficult concept, really. Sorry if this sounds rude, but there should be no surprise when a non-coin thread gets closed. I offered to move it to the General Forums and that offer still stands. Please stop taking things personally.


I understand that this may have been important to you, but what happens when the next coiner opens a thread about "tell me about your favorite TV show?" It's coiners responding, right?


The point is that non-coin related threads belong elsewhere.


And opening a thread to complain about a thread being closed isn't helping things.



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