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geo ferrets !

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ok been sittin here thinking of my next geohunt and an idea struck me ive seen quite a few post about ppl who bring there dogs on a hunt with them geohounds!!

so i thought why not take my two ferrets out geocaching with me im currently training them on there harnesses to follow me etc once they follow me i thought i might bring them along to a hunt i mean if anyone is going to sniff out a food container covered in leaves and twigs its going to be my boys lol


what do you guys think ??

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See this cache for a picture of our two ferrets (Monty and Chino) out on a caching trip :D




brilliant some more geoferrets i love it there is hope for my boys (storm an lightning) yet

any tips on gettin them to follow me on there harnesses ?? at the min they just seem to wander round the garden going where ever they want to go and not really following me ??

i will keep trying

maybe we could set up a geoferret team one day and maybe have a team hunt i know that some of the guys on my ferret forum are also into geocaching thats how i got started !!!!

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