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Has anyone ever heard or read about geocaching and criminal activity?

I'm not talking about trespassing or geocachers being mistaken for terrorists or the like.

For example, has anyone ever heard about someone was purposely lead to a remote "cache" and was mugged or anything?


I was in the woods in a public park in a suburban neighborhood that has a notoriously high homicide rate and I got the heebie jeebies.


Should I consider carrying some kind of self-defense measure?


Maybe I'm just paranoid.

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I recently went with a Maryland cacher to a cache at the west end of Main St. in Laurel MD that was the site of a recent homicide. The climb to the top of the rock structure was far more dangerous than the risk of being mugged in the daytime. It might be totally different at night. I did CITO out some broken glass and other dangerous trash. If you have any doubts about the safety of an area, find another cacher to go with you at a safe time. Also, check with the CO if they have any safety concerns.

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For example, has anyone ever heard about someone was purposely lead to a remote "cache" and was mugged or anything?


It would be pretty impractical for a thug to set up a geocache and then wait and mug whoever comes to look for it.


The thug would have to be within view of the cache location 24 hours/day, every day, from now on. He'd also have his IP address and other information on record at Groundspeak. That sure would be a lot of work and risk for the possibility of making one mugging. Besides that, if a mugger wanted to put that much effort, it would be easier for him to get a legitimate job.

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...has anyone ever heard about someone was purposely lead to a remote "cache" and was mugged or anything?...




Too much time and effort for the low responce rate you will get. It's easier to just hang out in a remote parking lot and break out the window of their car for a smash and grab. That does happen but it's a function of targeting the remote parking lot and not the individual.

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Anyone who tried to mug me would find themselves sorely disapointed. I didn't have any money before I went on maternity leave, and now I have less. I'm always ready with a response, though, from my mother. She was walking to work through a nasty park when someone came up to her and demanded money. It was january and it was freezing rain and in her normal fashion, she was without a coat. She just looked at him and said "Mister, if I had any money, I'd buy my kids a coat." B) he said "Sorry." and left her alone. So now I've got that handy. :D

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