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Adopt a cache


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Wish to adopt a cache from an owner that hasn't logged on for several years.


How can this be done? Have tried sending PM and emails with no reply.


As MM said, you can't. You can only request maintenace, write a not maybe, contact the owner.


To add, if by chance that the cache has been disabled or neglected for so much time, and I mean a long time, you may post a needs archived log. That is only under extreme circumstances.


If you think the cache owner dosn't want to maintain it but you do, contact him and see if he will give you privelages to maintain it. I've seen people place caches, then move away, and then ask someone to maintain them for them.


Hope this helps!

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Okay, I've reviewd my psots and have discovered that I have communicated the adopt concept poorly. I forgot to mention this is a feature to be used by the owner.


Contact the owner and if they want you to adopt it, they will send a request VIA this featurein caus. Perhaps just mention it to them in caus ethey are unaware of this feature. If the owner is unavailable and does not maintain it soon, it will eventually be archived.


I will communicate this and other things clearly in the future. Sometimes I guess we choose our words wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience. :rolleyes:

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All's good and thanks for the info, just have to contact the owner who hasn't been active since 2006.


Will look at just maintaning the cache as it is in a great area that due to recent changes don't let any new cache placements. So once gone thats it.

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I would and have placed a "need maintenance" with explanation, and if no response....I would then just request the cache be "Archived" and in every situation, in my case, the cache has been fixed or "archived"...A few cache owners have emailed me for a "thank you".....It is the correct thing to do. Some cachers when they start playing the game are "hot to go", but when their enthusiasm cools, they don't even want to talk about being responsible cachers, they have found another game to play, etc....We visit Punta Gorda, Florida for 2 months in the winter and I make a Pocket Query" of the area and then filter caches. If, I find a cache that is in need of repair, has 4-5 DNFs, etc. etc. I will start my campaign to have the cache owner bring the cache to an active state for logging or get the cache "archived". This method works for me, the cache owner, and the cache searching population. It is the right thing to do. I want smooth "cache runs". Happy caching and many "smileys".

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