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Vista HCx Chipset


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In my on-going email exchange with Garmin tech support, I asked regarding the chipset used in the Vista HCx. The initial response (not unexpected) was that she could not answer the question because the information was proprietary. I assured her that I respected Garmin's concern about protecting proprietary information. I also advised that I was just curious whether the more recent production had a different chipset than the older versions (I have one of the early ones) and the related concern that, if production involved more than one chipset, then the chipset software updates might function better on one chipset than the other. Her response was that her supervisor had confirmed that all of the chipsets are the same. And, thus, suggestions to the contrary on this forum would be incorrect.


My impression is that she has been candid (within reasonable limits) throughout these exchanges and I have no reason to suspect that she might not have been straight with me on this one.

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That MediaTek chipset is capable of up to a 5MHz rate. Wonder why Garmin wouldn't take advantage of that? You know, give it a third operating mode: Battery Saving, Regular and Battery Sucking :)

I believe they have totally privileged battery saving, and btw don't want to give customers these options.
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