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  1. No, sorry. This is a military date/time group (DTG) as used in military messages. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date-time_group http://www.js.pentagon.mil/doctrine/jel/do...rm/d/00379.html "FROM 111302Z - 111323Z SEP 09" = "13:02 UTC - 13:23 UTC, SEP 11th, 2009". The 09 is the year, not the day. DDHHMMZ OOO YY = DD-Day, HH-Hour, MM-Minute, Z-Zulu Time (UTC), OOO-Month, YY-Year
  2. You can buy an AAA to AA battery adaptor that will allow you to use those same AAA batteries in your eTrex. http://www.greenbatteries.com/battery-adapter.html
  3. It's the MediaTek MT3318 GPS receiver.
  4. w/o being picky, could you provide a direct proof that Vista Hcx contains a MTK 3318 chipset? View the chipset update rgn file in a hex editor. Its plainly stated right there in the code.
  5. "Bravo Version 2" is not the chipset. The GPS chipset in the Vista HCx is the MediaTek MT3318.
  6. Sure makes ya' wonder... They removed the MediaTek from the copyright in the startup splash screen as of Unit Software Version v2.40 I've never seen any real proof the there is a MediaTek chip in any HCx unit. Look at the firmware for both the GPS and the software for the unit with a hex viewer. "Mediatek" and "MTKGPS" are all over both along with chip ID numbers (it's Mediatek chip MT3318). The eTrex Vista/Legend HCx does have a Mediatek chipset. What I've not seen is any proof that "Bravo version" is anything other than Garmin's way of specifying a particular hardware revision. I've seen no picture of a chip labeled "Bravo" or any actual documentation anywhere that Bravo refers to a chip unlike with the Mediatek MT3318 chip in the eTrex Vista/Legend HCx.
  7. 1000 ft drift? Post a screenshot of your track log. The maximum error I've ever encountered is a 150 ft difference between starting and ending locations.
  8. I've had this problem before and it was a screen size issue. The program doesn't resize the program window based on your selected screen size so the button isn't displayed in the window frame. Try resizing your screen to to a standard 1024x768 or even 800x600 and rerun the program and see if the "next" button shows up then.
  9. Of course it is -- you downgraded. What did you expect? Upgrade to 2.60 and that bug will be fixed, as it is for the rest of us with 2.60.
  10. Three choices: 1. Get a USB optical disc drive and use it tethered to a USB port. 2. Copy your Mapsource program and maps to a USB thumbdrive and use that. 3. Copy your Mapsource program and maps to an SDHC card and use that.
  11. It uses an LED for the backlight so the current drain with it on is negligible. Just leave it on.
  12. Yes, you are correct. I didn't read the fine print. "What the big print giveth, the fine print taketh away." When I bought mine before Christmas, I used the "ship to store" option and got free shipping. Picked it up locally after waiting about a week.
  13. And REI has a coupon good for 20% off for members through the 11th. That brings the total to $207.20! That's an awesome deal for both. Especially since REI offers a lifetime warranty. The coupon code is ANNV20 if anyone wants to use it and doesn't have a copy of the catalog.
  14. Try this: Use the Device Manager to scan for new hardware. Follow these steps: 1. Click Start, click Run, type Devmgmt.msc, and then click OK. 2. Highlight one of the "Universal Serial Bus Controller" items. 3. On the Action menu at the top, click Scan for hardware changes. This causes Windows to recognize new devices. 4. Repeat for each USB. 5. Close Device Manager and Control Panel.
  15. Same here except shifted to the west. Looking at my track log on mapsource, wife was pretty impressed that I hiked substantially into the lake while still managed to stay dry. If you were beside a lake, the problem was multipath errors in the high-sensitivity chipset caused by the satellite signals bouncing off the lake surface.
  16. On map page: Menu button on left -> Stop Navigation (should be the first one on the menu).
  17. You are not supposed to hold it vertically or it will do that. Hold it horizontally, flat with the ground.
  18. You push it in until it clicks, it will pop back out to where it sticks out about 1mm. That's the proper way it should be. You should NOT glue anything onto it to hold it in or to keep it recessed below the surface. To remove it, you push it in again and it will pop all the way out. To re-insert it, push it back in until it clicks and again shows about 1mm exposed. This shows what it should look like before putting the battery cover back on. I hope you didn't void your warranty by gluing rubber to the slot!
  19. Sorry. I can't help you, but I have a question. Where did you find out that the update is bad? Don't worry, it's not. It's a great unit, better than anything else in its class. Go ahead and get it.
  20. Click on the "send to email" link on the location result and you'll get the pop-up shown in my previous post above. In that pop-up you can select GPS from the menu on the left.
  21. Do you mean MapQuest? No, I mean Google Maps.
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