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2ND Cache ever and had to call the cops

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Ok so I am new to this whole thing and I was on my 2nd cache looking behind some smaller pine tree's thinking that the geocache had to be hidden so that the muggles would not see me. Seeing how it was located near a bridge on a main downtown road where no mater what time of day there is heavy traffic. Well I walk back there behind some little pine tree's and there is a BRAND NEW BIKE! Had to have been stolen or ditched for some odd reason so I called the police station and said I was doing geocaching and found a stole bike the dispatcher said ok like he knew what I was doing and told me he was sending someone out. I stood there looking for like 10 more min and the cop finnaly showed. I explained what I was doing. He said how big is it? I didn't have a clue. He was so confused and also helped me look. Well after the cop left and I spent an hour and half looking. I now know to read all the information in the post on the geocache's page because the micro was dangling from the bridge and I hadn't a clue what I was looking for. Also I read the directions that came with my GPS clearly and played around with it so now I have it set up for pedestrian and off road because I was all over the place and it was saying turn left and right and I was so cunfused it thought i was a car! HA This should get easier or at least not so confusing as I go.


Loveing this so far!


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