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Where "locally" to get a Geocahing.com Patch?

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Quick Update: I found a store called Little Geo Shop (http://shop.Groundspeak.com/shipping.cfm) which ships 3 patches for $3.00. Much better than the others listed here!!


I am still interested to learn about local stores which sell Geocahing items.


I have been checking the web for a geocaching.com patch for the bag I use while caching. The online sites list it for ~$4.00 Canadian (pretty reasonable). However the shipping for this item is listed as being between $15 - $25 and that includes Canada Post ground shipping.


Does anyone know if I can find items such as these locally in St. John's, Mt. Pearl or CBS areas(Newfoundland)?


The only items I take from geocaches re. patches and pins. My goal is to fill my knapsack with these items.


I am a teacher and I travel abroad with student pretty regularly and for years I have collected country flag patches to attach to my travel knapsack. It is quite an attention getter which helps in recruiting travellers for our tours.


I hope to generate the same interest in Geocaching in my students using my decorated geocaching bag.

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Does anyone now of any local shops on the GTA area that would cary the patches? I would be very interested in getting one.



Yup!! - GC Patches are available in the GTA. But perhaps not your GTA. They're available at Agnew's in the GTA Wilberforce, Ontario (thats the Geocaching Capital of Canada). You can get them when you come up for the Hallowe'en Event GC1GKV2 or if you e-mail Sticky Moose she might even mail you one to 'your' GTA.

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