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  1. are you looking for just the tag or the tag with the collar?
  2. The coins are in and they look great!
  3. Here is the other side of the coin and yes it is trackable. This side of the coin was actually taken from a picture of an Ontario geocacher.
  4. Have you heard of phooning? Maybe you've even done it. This phoontastic coin is available in 4 colours and will sell for 12.00 CAD. The coins are on their way back from the mint, so if you want to reserve this phoon coin send me a PM or Email me with your colour choice.
  5. I agree it's easier to find a spot for a wednesday than a Friday. 12-12-12 is good for me.
  6. I am in for a coin for 2-29 and perhaps hosting an event here in Ontario
  7. I'm with northernpenguin on this one as well. If 85 caches are too much for you to maintain, then put them up for adoption and someone can take them over for you. Yes I have replaced a log here and there, but only because I remembered to carry them. Happy Caching!
  8. I am originally from Harcourt - there are a lot of unique caches around Wilberforce/Harcourt. Well worth the visit and great area to explore.
  9. I would be interested in doing one in Ontario as well.
  10. wheezor

    PET Bottle Preforms

    too bad they're out of stock I found 6 hiding in a box. I have added them to the site. More are coming...
  11. the latest post for him...it's been delayed because of poor health. The winter edition is now becoming the spring edition and is getting re-edited.
  12. I am amongst the growing list...I haven't rec'd my magazine. I put a comment on his facebook page, but it got deleted. I can't believe that he still puts posts on his facebook page and updates it regularly. I guess he should focus that energy on getting this magazine done.
  13. Email sent: Some time back... Name received: 16 January 2011 Mission sent: 31 Jan 2011 Mission received:Feb 15 2011 I received my package today from longtomsilver - Thank You very much. Love the coins!!! They are a great addition to my collection.
  14. How about another sneek peek? lol
  15. Email sent: Some time back... Name received: 16 January 2011 Mission sent: 31 Jan 2011 Mission received:
  16. Very exciting! 27.27 - Feb 23rd
  17. We usually get together for breakfast the first saturday of the month at Ricky's on Lansdowne St. The next one is February 5th - you are welcome to come and join us.
  18. Email sent: Some time back... Name received: 16 January 2011 Mission sent: will update soon Mission received:
  19. looks great, you can count me in.
  20. what a great surprise to get my shipping returned - woo hoo! Thanks again - great looking coin.
  21. wheezor


    I could use curlywonder's help on a few DNF's that I had.
  22. Thanks for a great coin, looking forward to receiving it.
  23. Email sent:Dec 28, 2010 Name received:not yet Mission sent:not yet Mission received: not yet
  24. Email Sent: Yes Name Received: Yes - November 1st Mission Sent: November 30th - Mission Received:
  25. does anyone know where to purchase a coin album?
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