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HTC wm phone

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Mine doesn't have a problem, but if I start the player it comes up with the turning wheel (waiting icon) and after a while it stops turning and the only option is a soft reset.




I've posted a "Howto" for Wherigo on the HTC Touch at http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=205157

This is specific to the Touch CDMA with Windows Mobile 6.1 but may apply to other flavours.

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Today i tested HTC 3300 and HTC touch diamond and they worked.

Only problem was screen resolution on touch diamond.

I see only half text on choose cartridge menu and only half of text meter left to zones, arrow was ok.


On HTC Touch HD I get the same problem with half text:

see screenshot



How can I report this bug to the developers or solve the problem?



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It reminds me of the same problem on the Dell Axim.


We'll have to wait until the new Builder and Player versions are released (at an unspecified time in the future) before we can start submitting bug reports. By then, one of the developers should be watching the forum for new bugs.


You did right by posting a screen shot and citing the device. That's what is needed.

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