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Sorting through my coins


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Since I have been more homebound this spring and summer I have sorted through my coin collection, and I posted some on gather. Just thought I would share with people some photos (only slightly better than geocoincollection) some of my favorites:


You can view them individually by clicking on them:

Coin Gallery 1

Coin Gallery 2


Are there any coins you really like or have really good pictures your proud of?

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Thank you for sharing.

(sorry this one was a reply to avroair's post with his collection photos and became a new topic :unsure: )


Just to let you know, i start a small website to show my collection, and i uintend to make it a reference guide to Portuguese geocoins. There are allready some editions updated with info.


Every edition has photos and stories about the meaning of the coin, etc, etc...


I have also some english subtitles, if you are interested, follow this.


My Webpage




ps. if you have any stories concerning portuguese geocoins that you want to share, pelase be my guest and share.

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Here are some more, people can individually click on the coins to get a larger photo. Maybe you will see something you didn't know exist before!


Coin gallery 3


I really like the first coin on page 4 :( Figured it had to show up somewhere on your favorites list since you think I should do a remint. :huh:


Yep! It's a unique design and I like coins with worldly themes...

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