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Oregon Software 2.30 is Available Now

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Change History

Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.30:

Added the ability to control the scale of the x and y axes of elevation plot . Tap the x-axis legend to zoom the x-axis. Tap the y-axis legend to zoom the y-axis

Added panning and zooming to the image viewer

Added ability to set position after pressing the go button when GPS is in Demo Mode

Added option to add a point from the map in Route Planner

Added option to search near a point on the map in Where To?

Added preview of on-road routes in Route Planner

Added option to save a geocaches as a waypoint

Added error message when the maximum number of geocaches is exceeded (2000)

Added error message when the maximum number of gpx files is exceeded (200)

Added option to clear the current track from Track Manager

Added support for downloading geocaches written using Groundspeak v1.1 extentions

Added elevation plot type to user profiles

Improved GPS performance

Improved map drawing performance in some situations

Improved handling of naming a waypoint the same as an existing waypoint

Improved feedback when typing an invalid character into the keyboard

Improved display of intermittent water areas

Fixed 3D View not showing detail from supplemental maps

Fixed 3D View occasionally not showing anything

Fixed waypoint and geocache symbols not updating on the map after being changed

Fixed Custom POIs not being removed from Recent Finds after the Custom POI database was deleted

Fixed being unable to pan or zoom when reviewing a route

Fixed issues with Cyrillic characters

Fixed issue where the Oregon would temporally stop responding after a spell search

Fixed issue where left map data field could get stuck on depth

Fixed creating invalid gpx files after projecting a waypoint

Fixed city coloring with CityNav 2009

Fixed map getting stuck in north up mode after panning

Fixed geocaches without names not being in the geocaches list

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