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Maui Pocket query?


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I've never used the forums here, but I am traveling to a place I've never visited,


Anyhow I'm looking desperatly for anyone who can point me to a pocket query along the road to Hana?

(I probably have the spelling way off)

I'm not sure of route numbers or road names.... Help!

Thanks in advance for any assistance given.


The Mojave Sasquatch

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I once helped a member set up their PQ for Kauai, and Maui seems to be roughly the same size. Depending on the number of caches and the size of the island, you should be able to get some coords for roughly the middle of the island, set your radius to enclose the island, and if there are less than 500 caches on the island you'll have them all in one PQ.


Anyway that's what I would try, hope that helps.


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