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GPS MAP60 CSX only has 1 icon for geocaches

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I am wondering if anyone has figured out a way to have a GPS unit show different icons for different cache types for unfound caches. I use pocket queries (which include multiple cache types i.e. traditional, multi-cache, virtual, mystery) to load geocaches into my unit (GPSMAP 60 CSX). I face the challenge of not being able to tell from my GPS unit, what type of cache I am near. Garmin MapSource software has the different geocaching icons, but when I look at the available icons for my GPS unit, I only have a closed treasure chest, and an open treasure chest.


When I import waypoints from Mapsource with multicache icon, it imports into my unit as a normal geocache treasure chest. I would love this assocationt to be maintained on my unit....


I am sure others would like the ability to distinguish between geocache types when in map mode.


Thanks in advance for any info



Brisingr (Robert)

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As usual the answer to any question about cache info manipulation is GSAK. On the send waypoints you can choose between, cache type, cache status or cache type and cache status combined.


I've got my GSAK set up so that it uses different icons for all the different cache types for my GPS 76Cx. Note that while the icon may indicate what kind of cache it is, the GPS receiver will only treat caches with the traditional icon as geocaches. That is, once you've found it you can't mark it as "Found" and have the icon automatically changed to a found cache. When using the "Find" function selecting "Geocaches" will only show those with the traditional icon. You have to select "waypoints" for other caches types to see them in the list.

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