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Satellite images of coordinates

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Google Earth is not a website, but it will do what you want.


Have tried Google Earth, but thus far not seeing the exact place where we can type coordinates in (note these are coordinates that are not yet listed as a cache - as we know how to view a satellite image once it is listed).

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On each cache page, if you click on the map above the logs it will open up google maps. Click the satellite button and zoom in as close as you can to the cache. The icon is where the coordinates point to. I've found this to be the quickest way.

Also, if you click on other conversions (next to the coordinates on the cache page), it will give you other forms of the coordinate. The decimal version is good if you can't enter the DegsMinSec...

I don't have a GPS unit, so I use the maps for now.

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If you've got the patience, it pays to look on several satellite imagery sites because the age of the photo can vary by quite a lot between them. For example, there's a nice shot of my house on Google Earth taken just last summer but a few miles away, the photos of an area of forest are almost 6 years old.


Live Earth on the other hand is the opposite - the roof on our house is the wrong colour :sad: and the lush green forest area is shown for what it really is these days... a sprawling office park :sad:

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