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How to log dropping aoin into a cache


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It seems so easy in concept but I can't find where to do this on the website. We dropped off a geocoin 7/11 but couldn't log it until today (7/18) - we were travelling w/out laptop, meanwhile, someone else has picked it up from where we dropped it and moved it on & logged it. Can I still log the dropping off? Especially so that it shows up on the Google maps?


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Do you still have the coin number? If so, you could "grab" it from the location it is in now and drop it in the cache with a "Coin Drop" Note you can then Delete. That will put the coin into that cache. Then you can Retrieve it and drop it in its present location. That will sort of correct the mileage it traveled.

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Of course, if you do that, make sure you get the dates on the logs right so that the coin mileage continues to be reflected properly. This is why I make sure to log bug drops as soon as possible after I put them in a container and why I also wait for up to a week before logging a retrieval of a bug (and will then go thru the process of dropping it into the cache where I found it first). The week gives the previous cacher the time needed to properly move the bug into the cache where I found it.


The person who moved the bug in the interim, should have waited before they moved it -- but to their defense it would appear that you did take over a week to get around to logging your move of the bug.


Either way ... to correct the situation you will need to know the number on the bug.

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THANKS !!! I will try this - we were out of the country and minus internet access, and happy about it too !

:-) Hence the delay. So i hear you that I have to be carefult o get the dates correctly interspersed so that the trip of the coin makes sence - goit !

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