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I'm not sure what kind of keyword you want to search by---Are you trying to look for only caches that have the word "milestone" in them? Or is there something in particular you are looking for like kayak accessible caches, or scuba caches, etc?


If you are just looking for a more challenging cache in your state, you might try doing a PQ for all caches that are higher difficulty or terrain (or both) depending on what you are looking for. You don't even have to run it --just preview it--and keep changing the values until you get the results you want. Center it on the middle of the area you would be willing to travel to and it will have caches in increasing distance from that point.


If you use GSAK, you can sort them by "name" after you have run the PQ.

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i am looking for something that has a particular name or word in the name. the current system doesn't sort by distance and consequently lists a lot of states.


sorting by name, your GSAK suggestion, might not help either because it wouldn't pull the keyword(s), through the PQ way. it would just alphabetize all that was pulled.


so i want to pull by keyword, then sort by distance. no way to do that?

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Unfortunately, there is no way to pull a PQ by keyword.


Would there perhaps be some attributes that would help you pull caches you want? (Althouhg I understand that running PQs by attributes has it's own set of problems. I don't know, I;ve never tried it.)


Would you mind sharing what keyword you are looking for--perhaps that will suggest some other ideas?

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If you are looking for specific caches or types of caches in Indiana/Ohio/Illinois, you might try posting to the midwestern forum.


If you want something in southern Indiana, we (Team Neos) may be able to help; we haven't done much in the northern part of the state yet.

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sorry, i thought i had a watch on this topic. what i was looking for was a cache that had rose in the title. or midnightrose (i know, far fetched) to be my 100th find. looking at the options, i don't think it would be easy to find one so i decided my 100th cache will be one belonging to the man that introduced me to geocaching. i think that is fitting enough.


a goofy idea just passed through the noggin. wouldn't it be funny to have your milestone caches make sentences?

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I did a search for "Rose" and found lots of caches that have the word in the title--skimming through the lists, I saw one in Hobart...which I am thinking is not toooo far from you?


GC1336W Fred Rose park (Hobart)


The next nearest ones I saw on the first few pages were further south or southeast


A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still Chauncey (GCGD5A) in Terre Haute


GC10D77 Compass Rose --east of Indy near Ohio off I-70


You don't have to have a theme for your milestones, although that is cool. Lots of people do something different for their milestones. Some people only do puzzles (or multis or earthcaches or whatever kind of cache it is they don't ordinarily do) for their milestones; some choose challenging hikes. I know one lady that only does mountain hikes out of state (so she gets a vacation while she is at it!). Some people try a combo they haven't found before (3/3, 5/5, etc) so they can work toward some challenge while they are at it.


Having your milestones form sentences would be challenging, but unique and yes, very funny!


Caches with the corresponding number--The word "one" in the title for your 100th, two for your 200th, etc.

Caches placed in honor of someone else's milestone (Bob's 1000th cache, Joe's 100th cache)


Me, I just try to find one that will have some significance for me personally. My first few 100 milestones were picked because they were owned by some of my favorite cachers. I chose one because it was on a bridge my great grandfather helped build. Another I chose because it was challenging to find.

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If you're looking for one semi-close to where you live, then you can do this using PQ's and GSAK. Set up a series of PQs centered at your home coordinates. Each one gets a different subset of caches; maybe sort by cache type, or D/T conbination, or date placed. You can do 5 PQs per day, so in a few days you can get probably every cache within a radius of several hundred miles.


Download all PQs into GSAK and search by keyword and by distance.

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