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  1. false, no spouse to ground me, but i do have friends that are wary of taking trips with me knowing that i have a tendency to wander unknown roads and take twice as long to get there. the next cacher has either looked for that nasty muncie "mean streak" (GC12Z46) or had planned on going before it's year long DNF track record was broken.
  2. sorry, i thought i had a watch on this topic. what i was looking for was a cache that had rose in the title. or midnightrose (i know, far fetched) to be my 100th find. looking at the options, i don't think it would be easy to find one so i decided my 100th cache will be one belonging to the man that introduced me to geocaching. i think that is fitting enough. a goofy idea just passed through the noggin. wouldn't it be funny to have your milestone caches make sentences?
  3. i am looking for something that has a particular name or word in the name. the current system doesn't sort by distance and consequently lists a lot of states. sorting by name, your GSAK suggestion, might not help either because it wouldn't pull the keyword(s), through the PQ way. it would just alphabetize all that was pulled. so i want to pull by keyword, then sort by distance. no way to do that?
  4. your branden was very cute. i thought it was a mouse at first as my thoughts of rats aren't so pretty. indiana jones thing i guess. as far as doing a tb, i would be taken back finding something like that in a cache, but hey, so what. i wouldn't throw it, especially if it had a tb tag like a dog tag on a collar or something. i seen a rubber rat, plain white, at a dept store a couple weeks ago. it had some kind of beads inside that made it lifelike and squishy. looked and felt real, but smooth and no hair. i didn't get it as i figured it would get dirty and nasty looking fast, but the thoughts of making it a tb was really strong hehehe. so make your tbs as lifelike as you can, just take the elements into consideration and i hope they make it across the see so i might find it one day.
  5. i'm thinking about some milestone caches and did a search by keyword. is there not a way to sort by distance? i didn't want to go through the 900+ results to find which are in my state. i didn't see an option for adding a keyword i a pocket query either. it would be a nice addition to the many options there already is. any suggestions?
  6. on a side note, i'm surprised at the "lashing out" over this. on a nice note. i'm thankful, as this is my first bash to go to, that some team would take the time to place so many new, and probably a wonderful variety of caches, in the local vicinity to help us newbies get more experience as well as have fun while we are there. i appreciate the efforts to make this events great. i'm sure there are locals who would love to adopt them, as it was mentioned. again thanks for the time and effort to make the mwgb great! i'm looking forward to it.
  7. i understand what you are saying. the town in question only has one stoplight, no inner city there. the object was keeping it a nice place. if there was notable chaos going on, it would be in the description, but i will leave those kind of caches for vinny.
  8. depending on what the owner requires as far as if it should be shown on the cache page, you can attach it to your log by uploading image. if you logged already, just go back and edit or click the upload image link. if the owner doesn't want spoilers to be given by your pic, then use a free hosting site like www.photobucket.com or www.flickr.com and post it there, sending the owner your link to the pic. hope this helps. welcome aboard.
  9. you geocachers are an odd breed i'm infected enough with the bug that i thought i might be one of you, but it may take years before i reach the caliber of some of youseguys. hopefully many long years.
  10. odd that suggesting to put live animals in caches would be acceptable. considering all the talk about how to clean the food smells out of containers before using them as caches, then to say make sure your hamster has food. uuughh. i wouldn't want to find anything, dead or alive in a cache. it would be liberated and the culprit scolded for sure.
  11. ...you've copied and pasted the previous "ifs"... just because. ...you keep telling yourself you can't hide more than you find. ...you are kept awake all night because of that creative cache you found. now the ideas for similar ones won't stop. ...your family and friends still don't understand your hobby, but love you anyway. ...you wonder if you could get that catnip smell out of the "real look" mouse you seen in the store.(it has a pocket and everything. just imagine ) ...a micro is hanging in front of your computer screen"drying". ...you are sure you ate, just can't remember when. ...you feel sorry for towns with no caches. ...you feel the need to place caches in said towns for someone to find. ...because of lack of nutrients and sleep deprivation, you feel the need to find someone in said town to teach about caching.
  12. small is ok, but i love my sony mavica. yes the one that you can use a smart stick or 3.5 floppy disk. i like the versatility of being able to put it in most computers and bring up the pic. had it for years and never paid the $30 for a memory stick. besides, being huge and bulky, it's the perfect geocover for finding that elusive red bellied sapsucker or wonderful architecture.
  13. interesting thread. when i first was looking for some hiding spots, don't ask me why, but the thought came on me to find some areas that had some problem people hanging around them. not that there is a lot of crime here, but i thought that hiding a cache in one of those spots would draw more "good" traffic and make others find some place else to cause trouble. (i haven't done one of those hides yet) it hasn't been brought up, but what if the culprit is loosing some business because of all of us interrupting the area? wouldn't you want to find the cause and squelch it? i'm not saying this is the case, but a possibility. it's surely not the police and it's someone with site access, whether before or after they found the cache. just a thought
  14. Oh my heart! I'm not ready for him to be a teenager yet! LOL! That is still a year and a half away! Thanks for the congrats! And wow, a micro on your first try, that is cool! lol sorry. no kids here so anyone between 10 and 20 is a teenager and requires the same amount of pulling teeth, unless of course car keys are a leverage tool. worked for my sister. as for the micro, it was an empty parking lot. if i didn't find it, i was giving up caching for sure. i think it took 2-3 attempts in the same day. i'm quite sure i looked ridiculous. at least you had the cover of night.
  15. my latest comment was "i came, i looked, i ate mulberries, i left... but i shall return" i emailed the required information for the cache but couldn't find the container. i mentioned that to the owner as well. it may be mia so i'll wait til i know something is there. i also found the top and bottom of a cache but no log. reported as a maintainence check not a dnf. that seems to get the owners attention more than found and replaced or put pieces back together and added paper. pesty varmin.
  16. i was just searching for a cache the other day. one of those, no hints needed it will be easy. never found it. i did see a bird's nest and thought it would be detrimental if that was the cache as it was high and you wouldn't know if it was real or not. i used a mirror to see that it was empty and real. there was even a white ribbon entwined in it. i think if the bird's nest had some kind if signifier with geocaching colors or a tag then i would be more inclined to check it out. otherwise i will leave most nests alone... unless i'm not finding that dumb cache.
  17. i would have had trouble with that ammo box too. i know more experienced cachers will cringe, but i used google earth to start with and didn't even have a gps unit. now i use both and it gives me a idea of where i'm headed when the gps starts acting up. nothing is good in tree cover except maybe a trained bloodhound. i should have gone for the larger cache my first try, but ended up with a invisible micro that i was ecstatic to find. congrats on getting the teenager out. many more happy caches to you.
  18. they are cool, but i know i would want some kind of tag on mine. the tag can look just as pretty as the gem
  19. congratulations to Bad Majec and Team Itchy & Scratchy on finally conquering the muncie "mean streak" GC12Z46
  20. hi there, i'm in indiana, but originally from worthington. that is right on 90 and 4 hrs west of rochester, about 2 from mankato. last i looked, my little town of 10,000 had over 50 caches thanks to some avid cachers in the area. i can't wait to go home and find them. there are several, maybe 10 parks around the lake, and i'm sure you will enjoy the town as well as the caches. i'm sorry i can't recommend any specific caches, i just my town and my lake.
  21. these have been great pictures. gives me some ideas, but i'm not sure i can be as creative as some. i know i don't have a chainsaw. *back to reading pages 9-49*
  22. this made me remember reading this in a cache: congrats on the baby and yes, it is a cool icon.
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