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Autorouting Questions

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I hope to get a GPSr this year. Consideration list is as follows:

Wait for the PN-40 reviews, see if I want it or get


PN-20 (I have seen deals on reconditioned units that nearly but this above the 60CSx)

Vista HCx

Main use would be Geocaching (Wherigo would be nice, but limited hardware support makes it an issue at the moment). Secondary, but still important use would be turn-by-turn directions while driving. This gets us to the questions at hand. Money is an issue, so buying one handheld and a car dedicated unit is out of the question.

From what I have read so far, it seems like the 60CSx is a good all round unit, if a bit old. The PN-40 sounds like it is offering impressive specs, but I am guessing will be well beyond my price range (at one where a Colorado/Oregon becomes an option, or a handheld and car dedicated, but if it is closer to the 60CSx's price and reviews seem favorable...). The PN-20's price for reconditioned units makes me think strongly of going that way, but I have read it's auto-routing leaves much to be desired (though good if you make the route on the PC and download it, only problem then being screen refresh sppeds). The Vista HCx was my starting choice, since it and the Street Maps would be about the same cost as a 60CSx without the maps, but have started to drift to the 60CSx or PN-20 end of things. (I haven't checked prices on refurbished Garmins yet.)


1) If I am driving to a friend's house and put the address into the unit (didn't make a route at home and upload it) and decide to take a back road from the route it may have made up (or if I did make a route at home and take the back road), will the unit be able to recalculate, or will it keep trying to make me take the major roads and back on it's pre-determained course?

2) Do any of the units offer more than just quite beeps?


Advice? Further things I should think about? I am sure I'll get lots of opinons from fans of brand A over B, which is fine, but looking more for overall advice, and especially an answer to question 1.

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I have a PN-20 and the auto routing leaves much to be desired on that unit.


Its not that bad though, it may take a min or two to calculate a route, but remember for the price of the PN-20 you get the auto routing, and topo map for that matter, for free with the unit.. With either of the Garmin units you list City Navigator will run you around $80ish on top of the price of the GPS.




Question 2 ... No handheld unit that I know of does anything but make beeps or other little noises, don't expect a handheld unit to do voice directions.

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