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I hid a cache but lost the coords

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The only way to get accurate coods is to go back out there. If you are not willing to do that then you should not place a cache there. Frankly, even relying on coords taken on one single visit is not enough to insure accurate coords. Most caches I place involve trips on three different days. Try it and you will see that your GZ is not the same on those three days. Make the effort to make it a good cache and people will remember it.


Loch Cache

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Elizabeth Carter Posted on: Today, 06:10 AM


I hid a geocahce in Bundeena, Sydney NSW. When I came home to log the cache I could not find the coords on my GPS. As I won't be going back to this suburb (as it is a hassle to get to ) I was wondering if anybody that lives at Bundeena could help me out. Or is there any other way to get my gps reference whithout having to go back to the site.


I have cached with Ed and found several of his no GPS hides so I know I can trust his skill with an aerial photo. I do have a problem with Elizabeth's post in the Australia Forum though (see above). It has a little more info than she has shared here. She is not going back. What she needs is somebody to clean up the litter. She never had any intention of maintaining this.

Good point. Adopt it out and call it a day.

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