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  1. Oh that baby food jar lid will make a great water dish for the hamster that I plan to leave in my next cache! In exchange I will leave this dirty pair of men's underwear I found on the ground next to the cache!
  2. Am I being to touchy or doesn't that seem kind of insulting? I mean basically it says "your cache sucks but at least it's good to increase my numbers?" Unlike thanks for the cache, good hide & great site. If that's what the acronym means to these cachers, I'll feel a bit insulted; they've logged one of my caches this way. --Larry That might not be what it means in this case, I was just speculating. I have received some of those logs and yes they were just quick "for the numbers" caches so I wasn't offended. LOL
  3. The first thing that came to my mind was Nice for Numbers Cache. I've seen several logs on easy P&G caches that say something to that effect... NNC (nice numbers cache) etc
  4. Here is the website for the GA State Parks Geo-Challenge: http://www.gastateparks.org/Geocaching If you have more questions you can contact me through my profile, I will be happy to help. I am one of the state park stewards.
  5. I will take the lovely plastic feather duster, as it will be perfect for sweeping away fallen leaves while searching for caches. In return I will leave several broken strands of mardi gras beads!
  6. Thanks for sharing, I really like this one! We have found several of the "hanging" caches where you have to find the rope to let it down, but one of my favorites was a puzzle that you had to solve to unlock a box that held the end of the rope, the other end was an ammo can up in the tree. Another one of the best I've seen was a hollowed limb up in the tree, you could not tell it was a cache, it just looked like part of the tree. You had to find the other end of the rope by chance (I think it was about 50ft away) and lower the limb which contained the cache. And yet another favorite was a large bird's nest in a tree that held a lock & lock. The line was hidden on the backside of the tree so that you could not see it as you approached but once you spotted it, you could lower the nest.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. We plan to try the pipe/water cache as there are none around here. My husband had the bright idea to drill lots of holes so it would take more than one person to plug the holes while another fills it. It could be taken a step further and use a very long PVC pipe so the filler would have to stand on something in order to reach the top. I thought I once saw a pic posted on here of the technique I mentioned above, where you pull a rope at the bottom of the pipe and it forces the cache out of the top, but I can't find it now. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or have directions for that?
  8. We've all seen the clever cache containers threads, but what I am interested in hearing about are clever cache hiding techniques... or more specifically clever ways of retrieving a cache. For example... A pipe you have to fill with water to float the cache up A bird nest/pine cone/log/whatever tied up in a tree by rope that you have to locate the end of to let it down A pipe with a rope at the bottom you have to pull to force the container up etc I would like some ideas for clever cache placement/retrieval mechanisms, not necessarily a cool container. Thanks!
  9. I have yahoo email and have also noticed missing many emails from gc.com (not in spam folder either).
  10. Well, here in FLA, anything hidden "GA style" refers to hidden under lamp post skirts by cachers wearing football jerseys of a team that has beaten down the dawgs 17 of the last 20 years... is there a point to this? i am not a football fan so you aren't offending me if that was your intent.
  11. Well, here in GA, anything hidden "FL style" refers to under palmetto fronds. And that is probably because we don't have many regular palms to hide micros in (which is good, since I deplore those dang pam tree hides and avoid them like the plague whenever we cache in FL).
  12. Not sure if it would be the same but on my nav system you click destination>pick from map>enter coordinates.
  13. I love this! Would you mind sharing where you got the pattern and/or dimensions of the bag? Thanks!
  14. I just bought one of those exact locks with the same idea as you. Found it on clearance at Staples for $4 so I thought I'd give it a shot. We have not put it out yet. My husband's first comment to me was, all someone has to do is pull the end off and change the combination. I wonder if there is a way to epoxy the end on, so that it cannot be pulled off.
  15. In addition to those already mentioned, we also have a Virtual challenge (find all the virts in the state) and a Power Run (100 caches in 24 hrs) challenge.
  16. After much begging, my hubby got me a Garmin Nuvi 255W to use along with my 60CSx. He doesn't cache so he simply can't understand why I needed one since I have built-in nav in my SUV. And while it wasn't supposed to be caching related, I was given a very large lock & lock type Rubbermaid bowl at our church Christmas party. When I opened it, the first thing both my kids said was "a new cache container!"
  17. Man, that is great!! Thanks everyone! A lot of hours went into it. (PS... I'm a GIRL)
  18. Here are a couple of pics of an ammo can that I painted recently for a friend.
  19. TeamAtlas, I am new and ignorant and need help working this garmin colorado 400T my wife gave me. I'm in Tifton. Anyone up for teaching me? Dentaloner, sorry I'm just now seeing this message. Sorry I can't help you I know nothing about the Colorado! We have a newly formed group for cachers SW GA called SoWeGa Cachers. PM me and I will send you the link!
  20. I've seen lots of creative micros. - bison tube epoxied to the end of a bolt - narrow tube inside a hollow piece of bark, hanging in a tree - bison glued to hollowed-out inside of a pinecone - micro behind a fake electric faceplate - bison epoxied inside fence post cap - slim bob behind a sign on a metal post, where you had to rotate the sign to the side to get it out - fake electrical pipe on a telephone pole with other pipes - a hole drilled in a rock with a micro inside, then placed with a pile of other rocks - tiny clear tube glued to a clothes pin, clipped to a tree limb - bison with fishing line attached, down inside a hollow tree - hollowed out bolt with log inside, on a wooden post - micro with fake ivy glued to it, hidden on a fence with real ivy - clear tube glued inside a hollow stick - a log cut in half with a hole drilled inside, then put back together, which swiveled open to reveal the micro - oh and once we even found a film cannister hidden under a lamp post skirt in a parking lot!
  21. OMG don't tell me this. I also ordered a 60CSX from Amazon yesterday and paid for overnight delivery, so I have been waiting patiently all day for it. So now I go check and it says, like yours, delayed due to weather, but still stays it will be here today? And yeah, if it doesn't come next day due to weather, they won't refund anything. Grrr.
  22. There's one called Georgia's largest ammo can, GC17EBG. Look at the pics!
  23. Nah, I knew without a doubt he was going after Sarah. Sure will miss him though!
  24. It can't be the sole purpose of the event. If you look at a vast majority of the "picnics" you will see that there is caching but the main thing is the socialization involved during it. People can cache during the event if they like to but its not set up for that. Yes, I know that. You misunderstood my post. Or maybe I didn't make it clear. I was commenting on what Allanon said about Be careful about associating it with anything to do with geocaching. Isn't that the purpose of a geocaching event? I know what he meant but his post just didn't come across that way and sounded kinda funny, kwim?
  25. Be careful about associating it with anything to do with geocaching. The reviewers, at least in my area, are being much more picky and if more than a few percent of the event page involves anything to do with caching, it won't get published. Huh? I thought events were supposed to be about caching?
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