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Cache alert!

sequens vitae mortem

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Not so long ago, I was generating a new pocket query every day. I realized I do not need these new queries in my inbox everyday because I only open them every once in a while, since I have all my goals, finds and not finds set up in GSAK for a set area.


So, I deleted a lot of my PQs, and now I'm not sure how to get the alert when there is a new cache in the area. It isn't about being first to find for me, I have found almost all the caches within a 25 mile radius, and I am running out of new ones to go to. Coincidentally, I have no problem traveling farther, but gas prices to travel farther take a big bite out of my budget, so it's nice to know when a new cache comes into the area. Maybe there just haven't been any new editions in this area recently, but I haven't gotten any alerts.


So. . . What do I check to get alerted of a new cache, or is it an automatic thing once you become a premium member? I'm so confused! I'll take any advice at all.



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