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  1. Looking to purchase any and all West Virginia geocoins.
  2. I tried looking this up through google and on geocaching.com, but I couldn't find the answers to some questions that I was just curious about: 1. When did the idea of the travel bug come up. (When was it "invented") 2. Who came up with the idea? 3. What was the first travel bug like? I'll take any information on it . . . Goals, mileage, etc. Thanks to anyone who may know this . . . I'm just curious!
  3. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I had no idea the POI loader software even existed! It's made my life so much better. I got it to work on my future in-laws' Nuvi 260 coupled with a macro I found from GSAK. I won't get a chance to test it on my 360 until tomorrow when my fiance gets back from a business trip. Thank you, thank you! By the way, for anyone else is wondering about this, I stumbled on an excellent paperless caching tutorial that helps a lot with your nuvi and with GSAK. It will help newbies more than advanced users, but it's worth a look. Garmin GPS: True Paperless Caching
  4. Hi, I use my Garmin Colorado to physically seek out a cache, but I love having the coordinates in my Nuvi also because it reduces the need for lots of sudden stops and U-turns. The directions are easier to follow than constantly staring at the Colorado, but I am having some coordinate adding and deleting problems. I know how to add all my caches to my Garmin Nuvi 360 with GSAK, but I have no idea how to delete them all at once without deleting my other favorite coordinates added. Does anyone know of a secret, macro, or program that I can use to add and delete only cache coordinates? Re-adding all my saved coordinates every go-around or deleting the caches by hand is getting very old. I have tried to use an SD card, but I have no idea how to make sure that I'm adding the coordinates to the card and not the Nuvi itself. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. I know others have brought it up, but I'm not sure that Wal-Mart would even be responsible for someone falling in their parking lot. I worked for a retail store that is relatively large in the USA, and a few incidents happened in our parking lot over the years. When the customer would come in and talk to the manager about it, he would state that the store had no responsibility for paying for any bills because the parking lot was considered a "public parking lot." He had paperwork to back this up, and he never had to go to court over this. It could have to do with store policies and the like.
  6. I really like this idea because it would help me keep track of the ones I've already tried before and would like to go back for another attempter, rather than having to search through all the cache symbols on the map to find that really cool cache we tried to find the other week. It may inspire others to think the same way.
  7. Exactly! That’s always the best option and should always be the first choice when these things happen. Right now, Groundspeak doesn’t seem to have any effective way of dealing with the issue of valid logs being deleted by cache owners. It seems to come up every few months (or more but I’ve not been around here much) that a cache owner with delusions of grandeur deletes the find of someone who legitimately found their cache because they don’t like what the finder had to say. (Personally, if someone told me my cache sucked I’d take it as a hint that maybe my hide isn’t all I’d hoped it would be.) The consensus seems to be that if the cache owner is unreasonable you should just give up because there’s nothing that you can do. Well, yes there is. True, it’s a last resort; but the finder isn’t powerless, even if it’s not PC to point it out. Or you could just give up before it turns into. You steal the cache. Cache owner retaliates by letting and air out of your car tires when he finds you. Which pisses you off so you run over the mailbox at his house. To which he responds by throwing eggs all over your house. Promptly causing you to throw a brick through his living room window. Which makes him feel it necessary to put sugar in your gas tank. Leaving you stranded on a geocaching trip, pissing you off so much while you walk home that you're wondering how much hit men cost or if you can get away with full blown arson. Sometimes it's better to just stop. Hear, Here! ( )
  8. You're right, it is the process of finding the caches that make a good log, but, I think the process of finding the cache comes when you hit "Go To" on your GPS and you are out of the car actively searching. I don't think I would want a long narrative about why you were so grumpy and that things haven't been going right for you. I agree with whoever previously stated that you should blog about these things. The other logs that were deleted weren't so bad except for the Canada ones. I had the feeling you desperately wanted one of the cache owners to talk to you and say "What's wrong?" It's like you had to weave your story through a myriad of cache logs. I had trouble discerning whether or not you actually cached that day as well. Here is an example of a bad logging the process, "I can't believe I got drug out to do some caching today. I was in a terrible mood, and I complained about everything because it all just sucks so much. I was even bothered that my cache partner spotted it before me, though my heart was not even in it to begin with." Here is an example of a good logging the process, "Once we got on the right road (looks like we need an updated map, lol), we got out of the car and started searching. I looked with dread up the bank where the arrow was pointing . . . No it can't be! I 'summoned my inner mountain goat' (SSPG), and climbed up through the mud and leaves and, after searching a little longer, found it!" I took this, left that, signed the log book and put the cache back safely in it's hiding spot. Then I slid (fell) down the bank, and we headed off on another adventure!" Maybe we need to ask Groundspeak about the possibility of adding geocaching blog that you can add a link to in your profile, and I feel that is the more appropriate place to leave your feelings for the days and really talk about yourself.
  9. When will we realize we are all right? At least in our own minds?
  10. I love explaining Samhainn. But yeah this has gone waaaay off-topic. - Elle Why do you think I decided not to explain the full wheel?
  11. I am requesting that the moderators shut down this forum because we have gotten too off-topic to get back on. All we are doing is arguing the same points over and over. Either that, or it needs to be removed to the off-topic forum.
  12. Generalizations and categorizations are often wrong... as is the case here. I am a lifelong Southern Baptist and a volunteer for Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, an organization which has eclipsed The American Red Cross and Salvation Army as the largest non-government provider of disaster relief services worldwide. You'll hear no fire-and-brimstone ranting from us. I've heard fire and brimstone from our Southern Baptist churches, and I love the people who go to those churches. I enjoy the ceremonies because they really get into what they believe. I adore that. But, there is a lot of loudness about what will happen to you. I have not once said the church doesn't do any good. I have to say thank goodness for churches who do good and give their time to help others in need. If it weren't for these church groups, there would be so much more suffering in the world than there is right now. I am always thankful, and I have worked for the Episcopal Lutheran Church Good Samaritan Society, and I help out at the church sponsored soup kitchens and the mission every winter. I love having the ability to work hand in hand with these groups. I am just pointing out that it wasn't always this way.
  13. I think we really need to consider what the Christians call "their" holidays and symbols. During the end of the burning times, the Christians started celebrating their holidays the same as the Pagans in order to help convert them. They told them they were right for practicing on these holidays, but they were celebrating for the wrong reasons. Let's look two of the major shared holidays, without looking at secondary ones that are still around but are called by different names, though there are still the old time similarities Yule (or Winter Solstice) was originally considered to be the rebirth of the sun god because at that time of year the days slowly start to grow longer. They gave thanks for the gods letting them get through the longest night. The Yule tree was used as a phallic symbol in representation of the male deity (which differed with each culture or group). Holly and evergreens were used as decoration because they are the only plant at this time of year that shows life. The Christian church decided that would be a good time to represent when their savior was born. They also adopted the Christmas tree in order to help the pagans convert more easily. Ostara is celebrated on March 20-23 (Spring Equinox). This is the day when night and day are in balance. Ostara is the Norse Goddess of Fertility. After this day, the days continue to grow longer and longer, and the snow begins to melt, giving way to spring. (Meaning the goddess has given birth to spring.) The rabbit and egg were used as symbols of fertility and rebirth. So were sheep. It just so happens we celebrate Easter around this time, which is the resurrection or rebirth of Christ. Most likely, the name Easter was derived from the Goddess Estre. There is no accurate timeline of when Christ was actually born, crucified, or even resurrected because it was destroyed by Europe in order to convert the pagans. One thing we do know is, in order for people like shepherds to go see him, it would have to be at a time during summer when sheep were not getting ready to start giving birth. Sheep need to be closely tended to because they have so much trouble with birth. In those times, these people lived off their herds and any lost babies meant a major loss to the shepherd. Anyway, I am back on topic from here on out. Bring forth the crucifixes, rosaries, praying hands keychains, and sheep, just leave the literature for community bulletin boards in gas stations and grocery stores. I want to know about who you are, not about your church or beliefs.
  14. For some reason, I'm suddenly hearing Ozzie singing "Paranoid." Yeah, I think of that, too, when I listen to fanatics ranting on and on about their fears if they aren't saved. That went right over your head. Most followers of Christianity are not trying brainwashing and scare tactics. That is a very distorted view of reality. That's why the song popped in my head.+ Go listen to a fire and brimstone type of denomination such as the Southern Baptists.
  15. For some reason, I'm suddenly hearing Ozzie singing "Paranoid." Yeah, I think of that, too, when I listen to fanatics ranting on and on about their fears if they aren't saved.
  16. Nope, keep your facts straight - advertising is banned on the cache LISTING, not in the cache contents. I would be disappointed if I ever visited a cache that has a very common name with the description as "Happy Caching," and I found nothing but pamphlets from any select church or denomination. It's almost like a viral advertising stunt. If they say no advertising in the cache listing, I say so advertising in the caches. Are we getting into bizarre "What ifs" now? I guess if you can't prove a point using reality then pushing it further away from reality and making it more bizarre might be the next tactic. I'm not sure where this thread is going now.... It's not a what-if. Ubiquitous cache listings and descriptions can completely mean anything else, including a big ole church advertising geocache. I guess I could just start reporting these caches for misrepresentation to the reviewers. That would make things work the way they need to.
  17. I don't think this is a discussion about war. You said the the Christian church was the only church to condemn people. Now it is just that they are the biggest so the others aren't important enough to mention. SPIN. Calling the church the government, thereby making it a political persecution just does not hold water. You're not reading what I'm saying. Maybe I'm just not making myself clear enough. Other persecuting religions are important enough to mention, they just can't be compared as one and the same with Christianity because they're just not. Most followers of Christianity, whether they intend to or not, try the brainwashing method and scare tactics nowadays, but in the past they killed people for the name of Christianity, yet they are still widely accepted. They have never come forth and apologized for what they did or "asked forgiveness" as far as I know. These things just happened to die down. Other types of religions are more literal on what will happen to you if you don't follow along with the "herd." They kill you because the leaders of these nations and communities use religion as a means of governing the people into doing what they want. This discussion is not about war, it's about religion. What I am saying is the wrong way to fight any kind of persecution is war, including religious persecution. People in religious-governing countries can't revolutionize and stand up to the persecution of the religion because they are squelched before they can. The way to stand up to these entities is not war by the people, it is a different method, and said method could be walking away, it could be anything, it doesn't need to be a particular method. In this country, the church is not the government, yes the government in this country is based off common-laws based of religious nature because the people who settled this land were members of a church (the same church, a different denomination, I might add), but the church is not the government here. Yet, they still let religious killings occur (Salem witch trials). In other countries where there is a lot of religious killings, the religion is literally the government. Vice versa, the government literally is the religion. In these countries, it truly is political persecution. Thankfully, hopefully here, we will never let it happen again from Christianity.
  18. Nope, keep your facts straight - advertising is banned on the cache LISTING, not in the cache contents. I don't know how it works where you're from, but sometimes our cache listings are just a bunch of numbers that people need to figure out to get to the cache. Sometimes only a picture. Sometimes it's just a listing with coordinates with the listing "Happy caching!" Don't get me wrong, I get excited about any and all caches because we don't have a huge cache saturation here. It's not bad, but it isn't good. My boyfriend is from a much larger area where their are a lot of caches, but I would be disappointed if I ever visited a cache that has a very common name with the description as "Happy Caching," and I found nothing but pamphlets from any select church or denomination. It's almost like a viral advertising stunt. If they say no advertising in the cache listing, I say so advertising in the caches. Now, if it's a cache that says "Welcome to Clarksburg!" I'm sure I can expect to find a map of the local area in the cache, maybe a few menus from local restaurants, etc. I have seen caches where no one has claimed that they put their favorite verse in exchange for a McDonald's toy their kid loved, but I have visited those caches, and lo and behold . . . Religious propaganda. It's the same as advertising. For one, I go out in the woods to get away from these things, searching for geocaches in the woods just makes my personal experience there more fulfilling. But, when I open these caches and see a lot of religious stuff, I get disappointed because I feel like I'm being recruited. Do I read them? No. Do I take them out because I can't stand the thought of them being there? No. I just don't like finding the advertisements there. I don't think it's a personal attack on me, I just wish it wasn't there.
  19. If there wasn't a policy against advertising, I wouldn't have a problem with religious-advocating literature in the caches. I am fine with crosses, rosaries, etc. They tell something about the people who have been there. How do I know someone didn't tell the members of their church about geocaching, and certain members decided it would be an excellent way to recruit new parishoners?
  20. It is also unlikely that someone that drops a pamphlet in a cache is going to try to chop your head off if you complain. I'm not complaining about the pamphlets, but I am complaining about the advertising they project, which is banned from Groundspeak regulations. What does this mean. If they were blank you would be ok with them? If the religious pamphlets didn't say anything about religion you would be ok with them? You are not complaining about the pamphlets, just what they say. If they were blank pieces of paper folded into pamphlets, I would be perfectly fine with them because I would think they were extra log books someone had traded, lol.
  21. I still don't understand why that would make them exempt from your statement about Christian churches. I also don't understand the Religion = Government explanation. Just because the church runs the country doesn't mean it isn't a church. And it isn't just their own citizens that are subject to this. Remember the cartoons that were critical of their God. Remember Solomon Rushdie. It just seems that it is very popular these days to believe that the Christian church is evil incarnate and then there are so many Religion = Government reasons why all others get a pass. I don't believe the Christian church is an evil incarnate. I believe all religions who persecute non-believers are going against their purpose, including the ones who kill those who don't go along with it. I'm saying the Christian church is one of the biggest examples of repeated persecution to nonbelievers, and the persecution is very WIDELY accepted. I personally cannot compare the Christian church's persecutions to those of a small-area religious government persecuting non-believing revolutionaries who could change the government with a big enough group. (And help from outside groups they may contact.) They don't get a pass, they just can't compare because they don't affect a wide enough area, or as many people as Christianity had and they weren't even a part of this discussion until you wanted to argue about them. These countries don't send missionaries to different parts of the world to convert them to their beliefs. I'm not saying what they are doing is right, it's just no one has been able to stand up to them in the way it needs to be done, which is NOT war.
  22. It is also unlikely that someone that drops a pamphlet in a cache is going to try to chop your head off if you complain. I'm not complaining about the pamphlets, but I am complaining about the advertising they project, which is banned from Groundspeak regulations.
  23. The one thing we need to take from this discussion is that almost every religion embraces the Golden Rule" "Treat others the way you want to be treated in exactly the same situation."
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