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Mapsource routes to Tomtom?

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I have a Tomtom and a Garmin too. So far I have not needed to transfer files from Mapsource to the Tomtom, but there is a way to do it (I just tried it because of your post). It took one extra piece of software (besides Mapsource) to make it work. That was Tyre. Tyre is a great piece of software for manipulating Tomtom files (very similar to the function of Mapsource for Garmin).

Step 1.

Save your Mapsource file as a GPX file ("file" , "Save As", "GPX").

Step 2.

Then you can open Tyre and load that GPX file (you will have to tell it to look for A "GPX" file because the default file type is for the Tomtom).

Step 3.

Once it is in Tyre, you can then save it as an "ITN" file (Tomtom version of waypoints).

Step 4.

Once you have loaded that file into your Tomtom, it becomes another option for "navigate to". Unfortunatly, my Tomtom is highly "tweaked" with custom menus and 3rd party software, so I can't walk you through the "factory" menu steps, but I'm sure you already have used the "Itinerary" function on your Tomtom. If not, it is explained pretty well in the manual.


Now, all that being said: I never use Mapsource for routing! My Garmin takes a "back seat" for road navigation to the Tomtom. I do watch my Garmin when I'm navigating on the roads, but only as a curiosity, not a tool. The Tomtom is the boss on the road. Once I get to where I'm going, then the Garmin takes over, and the Tomtom turns into the "back up" toy.


Have fun on your trip!

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If you don't want to download a file, take a looksey at GPS Visualizer. It does the conversion on it's server and provides a downloadable file. Be sure to select Route for the type of file you want to convert and use a MapSourse gdb file. A gpx file didn't seem to work. Maybe, I wasn't doing it right.


Anyhow, this is a great program. I use it to convert the tracks I create in Google Earth into Garmin downloadable tracks.

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