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Batteries in use while plugged into DC power?

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I've searched the Garmin Colorado wiki (http://garmincolorado.wikispaces.com/) and these forums but haven't found an answer to what may be a dumb question. And I apologize in advance if the question's been asked and answered.


If I plug my Colorado in with a cigarette-lighter power cord while in my car, will the unit stop taking power from the batteries, or will it take power from both sources? A corollary: If I power the unit through the cigarette-lighter adapter, do I need to take the batteries out?


Again, sorry if it's been asked and answered, and thanks in advance for any help.



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If the Colorado is plugged into a USB cable it will take power from the USB source instead of the batteries. Batteries can be left in or out it will work the same way.


If you want to know the power source of the Colorado briefly hit the power button when it is already on (like you would to change the backlight). This screen will tell you if the unit is running on battery or external (USB) power.


More details here: http://garmincolorado.wikispaces.com/Hardw...Cables%2C+Power



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