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New map on 2 GPS's

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I have several GPS's, handhelds,(ETREX-Legend, & 60csx) and a couple Nuvi's (200W , & 350)

I noticed that there is a 2009 version of City Nav out, & I was thinking of buying the download.

My question is, If I buy this download, will I be able to install it on both Nuvi's? Or do I need to buy 2 different downloads, with 2 different keys to have both Nuvi's upgraded? Is this a one time / one GPS thing? or if I buy the download, can I use it repeatedly on my own stuff?

I know when I bought the disk for topo on my handhelds, I could re-install things as needed on my 60csx, because it didn't have enough room to hold the entire country at once.

Any comments welcome / appreciated.

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You will need to purchase an unlock code for each unit onto which you wish to unlock the maps. And since it's an update, it's only for the unit that you already have maps for. If the eTrex and the 60CSx don't have maps already, you will likely need to purchase the full version. And if it's the original Legend, the NT version might not work. You might need the non-NT version.


The TOPO maps don't use unlock codes. That's why you were able to load them as needed. However, once you have an unlock code for a particular GPS unit, you can load and unload the maps to your heart's content but remember that you need an unlock code for each unit.

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I was looking more at using the software on the Nuvi's, I use the Handhelds for geocaching mostly, and only need the topo maps on it, but I use both the Nuvi 200, and the Nuvi 350 for driving.


But I believe that answers my question, I wasn't sure if I could install the 2009 CityNav on both my Nuvi's, or just one of them.

Sounds like only 1 then, correct?


I don't mind paying for 2 updates, just wanted to make sure it was necessary, before I did it.

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OK, thanks for the quick responce. I'll just grab another copy for the other unit.

Downloading the first one now. WOW, didn't realize how long this would take. Been working on the first one for 2 1/2 hours, gonna have to wait a day or 2 for the next one, and start earlier! LOL

Maybe getting the disc would be quicker in the long run?

Thanks again.

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