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First attempt!


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:blink: We got a new Garmin Etrex H and had to try it out today. Should have waited for temps under 95!! We found one out of three caches. But, we are getting the hang of the GPS unit. For the price, it is a nice unit. Walmart had it on sale for about $100.00. Not a bad way to get started in this fun. Going to Florida soon on vacation, will try to find a few caches there.
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Welcome to the sport and congratulations on your first find!


Just a friendly recommendation; in general it is a bad idea to move a placed cache ever so little, it should be placed back exactly the way it was found. Unless of course it is safe to assume that it was placed incorrectly by a previous finder.



Cache Logs

June 8 by 2demacks (1 found)

This one was well hidden, and gaurded by a lizard. We saw the box, but there was a lizard on the log on top of it. We finally got the lizard to move. Everything in the box was wet. Took a Ninja Turtle (will drop it off in Florida), left a pelican. We moved the box about 10 feet from the log, away from the lizard. Now easier to see.

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