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Need Help on "How To" with PQ's

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OK ... OK ... Ya would think I would know how to do this by now ... but ..... Old age, bald head, did I mention Old Age.

Who can give me a step by step list of "Here's How" to do this?


Pick the caches off of MY ACCOUNT list of caches I have not found that I would like to work.


Make these selected caches into a PQ .. rename it (I think)


That way when I move the PQ I get by e-mail to my desk top, I can drop this file into GSAK so I can ask for the named file and ONLY the caches I wanted to work will pull up.

Then I can download to my Garmin and PDA in one file for each rather than doing each cache one at a time.


Does my question make sense ?





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Well . . . you can specify criteria for the PQs, or you can get a PQ based on a Bookmark list.


When I am setting up a regular PQ, this is how I fill out one section of the form:




Then, I bring all the caches into GSAK and do any filtering necessary in that program, like for easier caches, or caches with a higher Terrain rating, or caches along a specific route through the nearby metropolitan area. Here is a great tutorial about Pocket Queries that might be helpful. :ph34r:

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Who can give me a step by step list of "Here's How" to do this?



I agree with Miragee, but if you really want to do it the way you asked then this is how I *used* to do it:


1) From your "MY ACCOUNT" list, assign the caches you want to a new bookmark. That is, create a new empty bookmark, then assign the caches you want this time to the bookmark. Actually, I find that it's easier to do this from the map rather than from the list of caches because there are bookmarking shortcuts right on the map.


2) Create a PQ from the bookmark


3) When you get it, open the zip file in GSAK, but in the importing options uncheck the "Use Defaults" check box then select the "Set user flag" option, and the "Clear user flags first" option


4) After the PQ has been loaded in, use the GSAK Search menu item "User flags set" to filter to just those ones you've recently imported


5) Transfer them to your GPS/PDA


The problem with this approach is that finding the caches and sending them to a bookmark is slow. Plus you will sooner than later run out of bookmarks. Deleting caches from bookmarks is a bit of a pain, and you can't dump a bookmark w/o removing the caches from them first. Much better to do as Miragee suggested and get a PQ for a particular area and then use GSAK to filter them down to the ones you're interested in (certain type/rating/location/etc).


Hope this helps,


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