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Activating Geocoin

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If you activate it, it will be in your inventory unless you drop it into a cache (I keep some in an archived cache of mine for taking to events so others can discover them.)


You can put whatever you want in the description. You can just leave it blank too. :laughing:


It's my personal opinion that in order for someone to log a discovery of one of my coins, they need to actually see it. If you choose to email the coin's tracking number to others for discovery that is up to you.


Remember, if you think you would ever wish to trade it or sell it, you probably don't want to activate it (although you can and then adopt them over, but that is less desirable by traders/buyers).


The last thing about coins you should know....they can be addicting. They can diminish your bank account very quickly. Take heed but welcome to the wonderful world of coins.


Have fun! :laughing:

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There is no such thing as activated for viewing only. You can carry it with you and if you meet geocachers on the trail or at events you can show the coin to them so they can log it.


I know one geocacher who will only let you see the coin if you buy him a beer. He calls it the "Buy me a beer" geocoin.

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Activate your coin and then place it out to an unknown location. This will allow you to hold the coin without it being listed in your drop inventory.


People can still Discover the coin without having to Grab it away from you.


To place it out to an unknown location, access the coin page, under Trackable Item Options is a pull down menu labeled 'Recalculate Distance', in there is the option "Mark item Missing". (It's not really missing but that's what it's called to move it.)


Oh, and as briansnat said you can only offer the coin to be logged by people you and the coin have meet. Offering up your coin for virtual logging, such as posting the tracking number online or in email, can result in the coin being locked forever.

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