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How do you log a find cache ? Im new to this game but find it very interesting

Hi Marius123


Once you have visted the cache, and get back to the PC enter the GC number or part of the cache name on this page (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/).


Once you see the cache listing on the page, then click on the link that says log your visit.

Then you enter the date you found it at, and a short message for the next cachers, and the owner to read.

There are a few shorthand messages such as:

TFTC = Thanks for the cache

SL = Signed log

L0T0 = Left zero Took zero

LNTN = Left Nothing Took Nothing


Then there are Travelbugs as well, that you can assist in traveling from cache to cache.


Hope this gets you started. If you have more questions ask away.

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Welcome to the game Marius....


Right first off. Get a reading off your GPS in your area. Easiest way to do it, stand outside and get reception on your GPS, give it a minute or two and mark a waypoint. Do this at home so you can search in your area. Right set this as your home waypoint.


Next take those co-ordinates and set them as your home co-ordinates in your profile. To do this log in on Geocaching.co and click on your name on the top right. A profile page comes up and in the menu bar to the right you will see a link under search options - Update home coordinates. Click on this link and put in your home coordinates. eg: S33 27.824 E18 43.486 (somewhere in Malmesbury) Then click the button mark as my home coordinates. Once that is done click on the quick view link at the top of the page. This takes you back to your profile page. Now again in the right hand menu, look under Search options again. Click on the first link, search for nearest caches from your home coordinates. A page will come up with some 390+ caches depending on your home coordinates of course.


Right now lets take a cache that you might be keen on doing in your area. You click on the link and check up on the info on the cache, any clues etc. Mark a waypoint on your GPS and change the coordinates to that of the cache. There are easier ways of doing that if you have a Garmin unit and the correct software but rather start new and do it manually so you can be familiar with using the GPS to do the waypoints, this is good for when you want to hide a cache after you have found 10 or so.


Print out the cache page for now as you can use it when searching later on. RZight now to find the cache. Select the waypoint you just saved on the GPS and select Goto to point the GPS to the cache. If you have auto routing don't trust in it 100% as sometimes it can take you on a wild goose chase, generally it is OK for the right roads to get close to the cache.


Once in the area switch to walk mode and follow the arrow to get to the general area of the cache. Now if there is a built in compass on the GPS this can either be working for you or against you. Rather switch to the map mode and head towards the waypoint. Zoom in as yo get closer. Once in a 5 meter radius of where the cache is you might want to have a look round at what looks out of place. Usually a pile of rocks, a hole in a tree, etc. Now you can start searching. Carefully remove the rocks poke a stick in the hole and you might find the cache. Once found (after turning every rock in a 10 meter zone for the last hour - not always that bad), you can now log your find in the log book that is usually in the cache container with the supplied pen or pencil. Always have a pen with as the one in the container may not work. Log your visit and if you have an item to swap, trade it for one of the goodies inside the cache. That done return the container and hide it as you found it making sure it is hidden well.


Right it is now either on to the next cache or back home to log your first find. Back onto the cache page and look again at the right menu. First link is - Log your visit. Click here and you can log your find. On the log page you get a drop down box to select the type of log you are entering. Have a look through them as at one stage you will be using the others. Select Found it. Next enter the date that you found the cache. And then in the next block write your log entry. Insert comments and such about your experience. Don't give away any detail as the next finder might just get too many clues from it. You didn't search under all the rocks for nothing. Let them have the same fun.... Hit the submit button at the bottom right. Cache is found and logged... Congratulations on your first cache find. Well done.


If you do not find the first one log it as a did not find, either the cache might have been muggled (Stolen) or you didn't search well enough. In this case keep a watch on the cache and see if others logged it as a find after you were there. The owner might contact you and give you a clue or two to help you find it.


I trust that this should help you in logging your first cache and I wish you many happing cache hunting years ahead. Welcome to our playground. Browse the forums often and chat with the other cachers in your area. There is always someone to help.

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