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  1. By george I think I got it. Good stuff. Thanks for the assistance. (only had the one page) Guess I can't be good looking AND smart
  2. Tried back button takes me back to the main menu, but when i open the "geocache button" i go back to the data page, not the map.
  3. How do I get back to the map screen from the information screen. it says "currently navigating to xxxxxxx" Garmin etrex 30x.
  4. Still learning, getting close. What do all the waypoints under waypoint manager mean. Are they equal to the caches I put in? or POIs or something else ????
  5. Why does the window come up stating "Garmin Express not detected", But Garmin express does come up and works fine? (The Notice stays on the screen behind the GE screen??)
  6. kidcobalt


    Using an etrex 30x. Got my route via email. Now how do I get it on my GPS? Do I have to load individual Caches or do I load the full series???
  7. good stuff. Looks like i will use a combination. Thxs
  8. Question. which is preferred: android app or Garmin GPS. Getting involved again after 9 yrs.Originally used my Garmin, now I see "theres's an app for that"
  9. I looked at the textmarks website and it says it's only available in the US. OOPS! missed that. That'll do it. Guess I'll have to move! thxs
  10. Thanks for the comments. My try the swapping thing
  11. Tried all the options -no luck- I guess my Carrier "ROGERS" doesn't handle 41411
  12. I have a Blackberry Bold and a Etrex Venture and Vista. Do a lot of backwoods caching and I don't want to use the GPS in the BB since it is not water proof. Since I can access Geochaching.com with my BB is there any way to transfer this data to my Garmins when I am away from my PC. using a USB cable???????
  13. Sent the text GEOC to 41411 as in the textmark instructions but yet to receive my 'Device identifier and PIN' Actually sent 2 text messages GEOC & "GEOC" any ideas. p
  14. Found a setting for for Lithium batteries on my etrex HCx use them now. Also found out when I wear layering clothes my last layer is a nylon shell to cut the wind. I hang the Vista around my neck letting it hang under the shell. IT STILL GETS THE SIGNAL FROM THE SATELLITE-AWESOME. Got caught in a major snow squall and was able to use back track to get back to my car. Impressive.
  15. I see my etrex has settings for "alkaline, NiMH, or Lithium" Was going out today, but it hasn't stopped snowing since Friday and being a glass wearer its a pain, (Should try contacts again I guess)
  16. Thxs for all the great suggestions. A couple more questions. What is an Otter Box and a/or a Pelican case? I have an etrex vista HCx how do I attach an external antenna? great responses, thxs again.
  17. Has anyone come up with a practical way to keep the GPS unit operating and accessable in cold weather. As they tend to do the batteries lose there power in the cold. After an half-hour or so snowshoeing my etrex is useless until I put it under my shirt to warm it up and then it loses contact with the sats. Any ideas.
  18. Thxs a million MM, we're taking a trip to your area, Virginia Beach for some golf and I have it laid out on Mapsource. thxs again
  19. I have MapSource and a Nuvi 260. I want to transfer waypoints from MapSource to the Nuvi but I'm chicken to try since when transfering data from MapSource to the Etrex it replaces the current data on the etrex. Que: If I transfer waypoints to my Nuvi will it overwrite all the current data???
  20. Thxs all. That's what I did, but had hopes. O Well, C'est la Vie! p
  21. Been searching but can't seem to find an answer. In Mapsource can I convert a track and save it as a route? p
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