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Garmin communicator

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Our new gps - a colorado arrived today and what a gps. And so intuative to learn. But one problem. I have downloaded Garmin Communicator to be able to dowload one cache page at a time if I want to - new local caches being one. But it will not work. Keeps saying communicator is not installed although I have installed it. I am using vista - are there any known problems there? I see it works with firefox, I am using internet explorer. Is it communicator does not work with Explorer? An answer to this one will be very much appreciated....

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If it helps you can have my yellow Etrex that doesn't suffer this problem. I'll take your old colorado off your hands in return. :)


Thanks for the offer. :)

But I have got to like this gps rather quickly. :)

Picking a cache deep in a valley for next weekend just to see how it gets on with tree cover in a valley. :D

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