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New Cacher


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Hi all!


I'm from the Piedmont area of North Carolina (around Charlotte) and am currently waiting anxiously for my Garmin eTrex Legend set to arrive in the mail.


I have only been caching a few times, mostly as a "spectator" - I would hike around and watch as a family friend did the actual searching. I really enjoy the outdoors and have been obsessed with treasure hunting my entire life. Even if the treasure happens to be Mr. Potato Head parts, which is what we found the first time I ever went!


So I've got a GPS on the way, and I've read the FAQ possibly a dozen times in the past two days.


Anything you veterans can tell me? Any help or advice is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi there and welcome!


You've already seen the biggest issues most new cachers run into in action--the cache isn't usually exactly at ground zero on the gps and "what in the heck kind of thing might I be looking for?" :blink:


We started with Legends. We loved them. They will sometimes get a bit muddled in dense woods and lose their signal. When that happens, find the most open spot you can, look to where the Legend is telling you to head and mentally mark the spot with a landmark before heading there. Repeat that two or three times from various directions if you have to--that will narrow down the search area for you.


Other than that, have fun and don't post spoilers to the cache page and you should be off to a great start.

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When your GPSr arrives, select some regular size caches with a difficulty rating of 1 to get started. Check the logs before you go to make sure there aren't a bunch of DNFs. Starting with some easy caches will reduce the frustration early on and help you get the hang of the game.

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Maybe while your waiting for your gps to arrive u could start setting up a nice backpack or somthing to have for your adventures out in the woods. Things like water, knife, compass, flashlite, bug spray, extra caching supplys like pens, notepads, baggies. And of course a place to keep all your trading shwag.


I always keep my gps, palm, and a cellphone either in my pocket or in my hands.

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