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Reschedule Oxon Bash?

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I'm not going to be able to make it (I live too far oop north) but you're never going to be able to accommodate everyone. I know from organising stuff for work social events that there is always someone or a group of people who can't go because of some sort of conflict.


if you're event has already been published, I'd stick with the date as people who can go will have started making plans based around that date.


Have a good 'un. Whilst I stay up here with me flat caps, whippets. And leeks and daffodils! :blink:

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As The only other event on the 20th is PuP's NW meet near Preston, I don't think that you have anything to worry about; cachers WILL come :P. Even if the retirement bashes were on preceding/following days I think it would be unlikely to affect your attendance much, keen eventers will pull out all the stops for another event smiley and as scottpa100 stated people will have already started planing around this date plus changing the date now is likely to cause a bit of confusion :P.

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