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Why Unlock not Completion


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I recently published the first Wherigo cache in South Africa (and in Africa I think). An immediate confusion from many geocachers including myself is the "Unlock Cartridge" terminology on the cartridge download page. Why not "Complete" ?? Yes one unlocks levels in multi level computer games but that just does not work here. It should not be necessary to put long explanations onto cache pages about what to do when a cache is complete. Please lets change that wording before it becomes entrenched. Lets the cartridge cause the fun and confusion, not the completion. One "unlocks" something to start doing something not to end something done.

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I just played the first tutorial. The playing was fun. But the completion code was not.


It was really really really (REALLY) confusing to enter my 'completion code'. I ended up googling and finding the answer somewhere else. I'm a determined person so I didn't give up. But I"ll bet a lot of people do.


I understand from Jeremy's post that the 'unlock' serves two purposes not one. Seriously though using the word unlock just doesn't work.


In the tutorial, all that is mentioned is "enter your completion code" and nowhere on the tutorial details on this website does it mention completion code.


I thought until I read this very topic, that the unlock was probably for Wherigo cartridges that I might have to buy in the future. As in have to buy a code to unlock them... so I can play them.... (I hope that never happens)


Now that I have ferreted out the answer about the completion code... I thought the unlock button on the site should be renamed.. how about 'code entry" that way it is for unlock CODEs and for completion CODEs.


or how about just duplicate the silly button and put another name on the graphic... that says 'completion code' or something like that.


This obtuse "unlock' button really violates all the K.I.S.S. principals of gui design.

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I'm bumping this because I don't understand unlock at all.


I played two WIG caches this weekend. Logged the finds and all.


Came to the WIG site and pulled up the cartridge pages. uploaded my saved games to unlock. logged each cartridge.


So. Why did I unlock the cartridge? What does that mean? I went to my 'home' page and see a link for my logs, but I don't see any reference to cartridges I unlocked. Did I have to unlock it to log it? Or does it just mean I completed it - and if so, where does a list of my completed cartridges display?

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