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A Little Different Rock 'n Roll Wheel Issues

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I have had this problem with my Colorado twice, the rock 'n roller wheel will not respond at all. The wheel spins perfectly, except the navigation menus will not spin with it. Both times I a simple power down/ power up of the unit fixed the wheel issues. A call to Garmin tech support did not really help at all. They seemed surprised that this had happened as they have never heard of it before, and was convinced that the problem was from the rock 'n roller wheel not being seated correctly. They wanted my problem to occur a few more times before they would offer to replace my gps. I cannot be the only one to have this issue! This is my second 300 and I really don't want to keep replacing them every month.


By the way I am running 2.51beta/2.6.



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Sometimes I have that problem on my 400T. It is very rare. But when I do, it starts responding in about 30 seconds. I figure the processer must be overwhelmed and needs to cacth up.


My 300 does the same thing every once in a great while if I get carried away and push buttons faster than it can think. It usually starts working in 5-10 seconds when its little pea brain catches up.

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