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I am almost at the stage where I wish to upload a cartridge.


Having had a quick look at the Wherigo site at the Cartridge page it mentions that I need to compile a GWZ file. This file should contain at least the Lua file.


As far as I am aware the GWZ file is just a zip file.


My question is this:

Should it not be the .GWC file that gets uploaded. (I dont want everyone to view/open the Lua file)


Can anyone explain the process?


Thanks in advance.

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The process:


-- Zip the lua file and all media (images and sounds) your cartridge references.

-- Rename the file extension to .gwz.

-- Upload the file.


When you fill out the form with information about your cartridge, the short and long descriptions will take the place of whatever you have typed in the description box, located under the "Cartridge" section in the emulator.


Groundspeak needs the source file for many reasons. First of all, the player's ID is stored in the compiled code. This helps to make the completion code. There are also certain features, such as the very demanded cartridge encryption, that will require the source.

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