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I'm sorry but figuring out this benchmark stuff is beyond me - I find Survey Disk etc. all the time but none are ever in the database or I have no idea how to work it. It gets to a point where it's not worth the hassle and I give up.


The other day we visited Epcot in Disney World and I stumbled upon a Disney Bench Mark Survey Disk - complete with Mickey Mouse Ears - BM 1757272 - really cool so I snapped a picture and it came out great.

Alas it's nowhere to be found - I bet I have a doz or so that I've snapped off a good picture but ran into a stone wall of confusion trying to figure out what if anything to do with it.


I'd like to have a coin made with this new Disney one I found - hate to even think of what that would entail.


Feeling useless turns me off... I guess I just need to go back to hunting Tupperware in the woods... Leave this grown up stuff to the grownups.

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If you go to a cache page that you plan on looking for and click on the "Nearest Benchmarks" link, that will bring up a page with a list of all nearby benchmarks that you can log on GC.com. For most of those you will need to read the description and follow it to find the benchmarks since most on the list have "Scaled" coordinates. If the coordinates are adjusted then you will be able to follow your GPSr (but it will still help to read the description.) right to where the benchmark is. Again, you will have the list of logable benchmarks with you so you wil know if it is one of those that is listed on GC.


For the Mickey Mouse :laughing: benchmark there is a category on Waymarking for logging those, but I don't have the link for it.


It will help to read the pinned thread at the top of this forum called me first and then there is the FAQs on the benchmark hunting homepage.


Anything that you don't understand or would like more information on, just ask here and someone will have an answer for you.


Good luck and have fun,



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Hi Flatouts -


Welcome to benchmark hunting!

Let me help you find out how to have fun with it. :lol:


First, I must mention that there are many thousands of benchmarks that are not in the database we use. That is why the US Benchmarks and the Disney Benchmarks Waymarking sites were started by the same people that run this website. If you find a disk that isn't on the regular database we use, you can log it there if you want (you need to get the coordinates with your GPSr and take a picture or two).


For the regular benchmarks that ARE in the database we use, here and here are guides to start you. :lol: The main idea is to select ones near you to look for by using this page. On the top right of that page, put your zipcode in the box that says "By Postal Code" and click Go. That will bring up a list of nearby benchmarks that are in the database. Be sure to read the guides I mentioned above to help you select ones to look for. :D


Benchmark hunting has some interesting challenges and these are real, not contrived challenges, and that's why we like it. I hope you do to. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions here. We like answering them. :D

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Hi Flatouts:


In addition to the "real" benchmarks (various governemnt agancies), there is a sub-set of benchmark hunters that find & admire the Disney Benchmarks. Here is the "definitive" Disney Benchmark page by Wintertime, who will probably answer you hereself also:



You will probably find your benchmark there. Or, if not, maybe you found a new one, and Wintertime will be very happy!


Some Disney Benchmarks (at the original Disneyland out here in California) also are logable as a virtual geocache (grandfathered):



The Disneyland one is ours, along with some other virtuals there.



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In addition to the "real" benchmarks (various governemnt agancies), there is a sub-set of benchmark hunters that find & admire the Disney Benchmarks. Here is the "definitive" Disney Benchmark page by Wintertime, who will probably answer you hereself also:



You will probably find your benchmark there. Or, if not, maybe you found a new one, and Wintertime will be very happy!

I think I'm about to be very happy, because I don't see a mark labeled "1757272" in my list! In fact, I don't see anything with a "175" prefix, and am thinking that this may be a brand-new one!


Flatouts, where at Epcot did you find this mark? Do you have location photos of it as well as closeups? Please send me a message through Groundspeak's email system, and if it is indeed one that I don't already have on my Disneymarks page, I'd love to get photos from you and post them on my website. You're also, of course, invited to create a waymark for the disk so that other people can look for it and log it.


Congrats on the find!



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Thank you all so much for the help! Very cool!


On the regulars I've done the 5 near us and logged them. But then I have 3-4 that aren't in the database - I have pictures, but after looking I've wiped out the coordinates on the GPSr... But I can always go and get them again.


The Disney one was just so cool - We were on our way back to the car when I stopped to clear out something in my shoe and just as I stepped up onto the curb there it was - so I took a quick picture that came out perfect. But like a big dummy I didn't mark it as the GPSr was in the car. I know where it is and might be able to google very close... Not planning on going back to the park for a little while. I have a couple friends that work in the parks but not sure they would be of help. Maybe someone on here works the Epcot park and with a description and google coords could locate and get actual coordinates.


I'll get as much as possible together and send it to you WinterTime.


Again my experience on these forums is unlike any other I've ever experienced and being an avid fishermen I've been on a lot of informative forums. Thank you all very much!



Cache On!

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I think I found it - in fact pretty darn sure - Epcot--Parking Lot

in Walt Disney World Benchmarks


Flatouts, you mentioned that the benchmark you found was marked "1757272". As you can see, that mark in the Epcot parking lot has no numbers on it. I really do think you've found a new one, and look forward to getting more details from you! Don't worry about not having coordinates; Nick, Our Man in Orlando, gets over to the parks frequently (especially Epcot!) and will surely be able to find it if he has some idea where to look.



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If you look at the pictures that have been posted on the Waymarking page, there is one dated 5/12/2006 that does not have the number, and one dated 12/26/2006 which does have the number. In addition, I've looked at my picture from 3/20/2004 and there was no number stamped on the marker at that time.

Aha! Good detective work, Nick!


There are scuff marks on the disk in my original picture, in the 5/12/2006 picture and I think I can see them on both the 12/26/2006 picture and Flatouts' picture, so it must be the same marker.

Yes, I see those.


I have to assume that they chose to stamp a number on the already installed marker. Guess I will be going to check on this and verify if 1757272 is the same one I originally Waymarked.

Okay, sure, good idea to make certain, although it does appear to be the same disk.


And then I guess I should check all of the rest of the unnumbered disks to see if anything has changed........ :laughing:

Yeah, it's a rotten job, but somebody has to do it. :rolleyes: But seriously, don't feel like you have to rush around to all the parks/resorts/etc. to do that. If you get around to them sooner or later, fine.


Did we ever figure out what those numbers refer to?



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Hello, Zuzu.


As far as I know, there are no commercial benchmarks in the NGS database. By "commercial," I don't mean ones placed by for-profit engineering firms, but ones on commercial sites such as REI or Walt Disney World. Anyone know for sure?? I don't know whether Black Dog Trackers accepts the REI marks in his Waymarking category. I hope that he'll pop in here and say.


My understanding is that the REI disks are made by Berntsen for GeoSitu, the same folks who sell the paperweight and lapel pin replicas of famous benchmarks. I was surprised to discover recently that the REI store in Mountain View, Calif. has two benchmarks--one of which is indoors! I haven't tried to find the manager yet to ask what that's all about. The indoor one is near the display case for the GPS receivers, so maybe they wanted to have a known location to show those off. (Despite it being a two-story building, GPS receivers can actually get a lock inside!)



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Have not seen ones at Huntington Beach or Santa Ana CA REI stores. Maybe it depends on the manager.

I've wondered about that, too. At first, I thought that REI simply started doing it at some point, and that every subsequent store would have one. But then I realized that there was an older store in the Bay Area that had one, and a newer one that didn't. It seems like too permanent a thing to leave to the discretion of individual managers, but there does seem to be inconsistency that isn't explainable by date.



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The group that manages the US Benchmarks category decided long ago not to accept these marks. Our belief is that they are more for advertisement or amusement than for actual control.
Very sensible position.


Next time I go by the Arcadia REI, I'll see if the manager has any clue about the elevation. My bet would be that they picked it off a USGS topo map.


Which would still be very approximate. So that would make it scaled vertical and scaled horzontal?

About 8th Order? :laughing::D:ph34r:


Hmmm..... new waymark category for "Advertising or Amusing Benchmarks"..... nah.

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