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ETREX H computer interface (how to?)

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I'm a Newbee at Geocaching with my first GPS receiver and trying to get to a point where I can download the GPX files into the receiver instead to manually punching in the numbers. I don't know where to begin, I have the Etrex H. and the serial cable interface, it's plugged into the serial port of the computer and etrex powered up but I don't see it on as a new drive on Windows exployer. Need some help getting started here. I did download GSAK program and plan to use it once I figure out what I'm doing. I'm pretty much LOST right now.


Appreciate the help in advance

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I do not have Garmin's Mapsource TOPO, Garmin's Trip or Waypoint Manager program installed on my computer. That's what I was wondering about, if I need a special application program in order to be able to connect to the Etrex.


Are you trying to load the caches straight from cache pages? ...I.E the "Send to GPS" button on the cache page..


Or are you trying export a pocket query from GSAK?


Also do you have Garmin's Mapsource TOPO or Garmin's Trip and Waypoint Manager program installed on your computer?

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I do not believe the "Send to GPS" button works with GPS units that connect with the Serial Port. What you can do is download the .gpx file from the cache page and then use either EasyGPS or GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) to send that waypoint to your GPSr.


Since you are a Premium Member, you can get Pocket Queries. I have set up several of those for this area and after filtering, slicing, and dicing the data in GSAK, send almost 1000 caches to my GPS unit in less than a minute.

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Hello friends!


I am in the same boat with the eTrex H (first time geocacher, first GPS). I do not have the option of a serial port (using a Macbook, OSX 10.5.2) and don't want to spend the money on the serial to usb conversion plethora of cables. I am wondering if anyone on the forum has ever used this setup:


GPS connection to USB cable




Any feedback is helpful. Thanks!


I just recieved my USB Serial Cable for my eTrex today and it works just fine. I purchased it on the eBay site. :laughing:

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