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I think she is going to a work where she meet people in some way. Like some customer service, maybe in some healthrelated place.


A sweet girl from Stråtjära,

searched for a job everywhere´

She finally got it and it went a hit

so now she buys coins in a bit.


I´m really not good at limericks but for this cointest I just had to try. :D


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It's OT, I know it, but I am not a premium member (YET), so I can't post in the OT forums, but....



Eartha and FSM, I know you gotta close this one down, and I understand, I just had to share and thank everyone, and I hope that there are no hard feelings!! (IE...please don't ban me, please don't ban me!!)


I'm sorry, but you acknowledge in your post that you know this is not allowed, but you expect it to stay open? The fact that somebody came in and tried to turn this into a cointest does not over-ride the fact that this thread does not belong here - you've expressed that yourself in the OP.


Apologizing does not make it acceptable, sorry.


Closing this thread and I'll remind you to re-read the guidelines before posting again.

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