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Law Enforcement Geocaching


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Livin' in fly fishing shangri-la. Caching a bit as well.

Our best to you in 2K9

-smiley in Missoula, MT


OK, while I have total respect for those that have chosen careers to protect me and my loved ones, to be fair, I have to ask how this thread is any different from this one that was recently moved to Off Topics because of its thin connection to geocaching.


I personally feel that any group, be it nurses, military, LEO's, gays, red-heads, or whatever... if you want to discuss geocaching here, fine. If you want to discuss your other common interests under the guise of geocaching... well, that's what the Off Topic forum is for, in my opinion.


But while we're here... any other fly fishermen that geocache? :D

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I'm a 6 year LEO in WV. I've also been a K-9 officer for 3 years. I just started geocaching and don't even have my first GPS, yet. I've only got 6 finds under my belt, thus far, and 5 of those have been on duty in my jurisdiction. My excuse is that I've got to let me dog out somewhere to stretch his legs and take a break, so why not do it in a cache area. My shepherd, Vinnie, is duel trained in patrol and narc. detection. I have yet to utilize him to track to the cache (not looking for dope of course, but he's also trained in general evidence recovery), but the option is there for me. I've used the cache hints, satellite maps, and my own knowledge of the area to locate my finds. The great upside to caching on duty is that I can do this at night and not be questioned. It's also a great stress reliever between calls. Good to see so many LEOs on the board.

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