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4X4 Megaworld PE GPS Challenge

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Hi All


I know this is not geocaching related, but we all use GPS's and thought I'll tell you about it, because I'd like to see some fellow geocachers there!


I am not taking part, as I help set up the route, but I get NO financial gain out of the competition and I don't want this to be seen as a commercial post.....if you guys don't agree, I won't mind if the thread gets deleted.


4x4Megaworld PE is hosting their 3rd anual GPS challenge on 19&20 April 2008.


The event starts at their shop on the Saturday morning and ends late afternoon at Heroncliffe in the Baviaans. The contestants will camp at Heroncliffe and then do 2 small events the Sunday morning, before the prize giving at about 11am.


Entries are already open and costs R490 per team of 2 people....additional costs for kids and other passengers.


There is a total of R38 000 in prizes to be won.


The route we're taking you along is also a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. After weeks of negotiations we got permission to use roads through farms never used by the public before, and will probably never become available to the public again.


Contact Megaworld PE for more info.

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Hey Zantus, We are quite new to the whole offroad and Geocaching thing, but we are very keen on trying new things. Was just wondering if my normal Nissan X-trail (non 4x4) would be able to do this trail. Asking you since you helped with the route.


Thanx in advance. :unsure:

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Sorry, a 4wd softroader should be able to do it, but I 2wd X-Trail, I seriously doubt you'll make it.

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