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Weirdos in the woods

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I have never seen what was described above but I have come across more than one couple on a blanket and they were not GeoCaching :-)


I am frequently on the local University campus in our city. I have noticed this same thing. I assume that they area all students, because sometimes they appear to be working on very strenuous multiplication... :huh:

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I cache alone most of the time. I have a concealed weapon permit and wouldn't think about heading out into the woods or any unfamiliar place for that matter, without my trusty Glock 27 (which fits very nicely in the smallest of fanny packs).


God willing, I hope I never have to even remove it from my "geobag" but the fact remains, this world we live in isn't what it used to be and there are a lot of weirdo's out there that get their kicks out of harming descent folks. I feel a lot safer when out caching, knowing that if need be I can defend myself.


It's better to be safe that sorry.

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Isn't the general philosophy these days that it is not a good idea to confront these people or engage them in any way? Any reaction is positive reinforcement for them.

Beating them unconscious with frozen lemmings will oft be considered a negative reenforcement by this type of pervert. :unsure:


"You're one of those *#^*$% meatheads that's been chasing me, aren't you?"

Guys like that one can provide hours of entertainment. :anibad:

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