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Can you set all your caches for proximity alarms, if so how?

Yes, only if you create custom POIs and use Garmin's POI Loader. I use GSAK to sort and filter my geocache PQs then export a .gpx file with a name such as "Unfound_caches_proximity" so I can keep them separate. This will create proximity alarms to your specified distance for the entire file. I keep a regular geocache file with the hint and my proximity file (which is identical, except it allows alarms) loaded.


Upon loading POIs you have the option to assign proximity alarms on your 60CSx. On your 60CSx go to Main Menu/Proximity and click on Proximity Alarm Tones, and put a check in the Proximity Alarms box. You can also change the tones here.

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You can load the unit up as you would from GSAK and then load your PQ (.gpx file) as a POI as suggested above and get the use from proximity alarms and having the standard geocaching functionality. I found this out quite by mistake when my POIs were loaded into the wrong unit unbeknownst by me. Later, I was literally alarmed by the strange noise in the truck that I had never heard before, when approaching a nearby geocache. This is some fun stuff!

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