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  1. Yes It does and thank you for the info. I love these series caches. I was the first to finish the Ranger series and I did the SBB also and of course the CAMs are great, Again thanks to everyone who put this together.
  2. After downloading the caches on Saturday to GSAK I went to do the CJS caches on the Susquenanna, Port Deposit and Elk Neck on Monday morning. This morning, Thursday I see a Port deposit 2 and and Elk Neck 2, which was not published until yesterday the 8th, whats up with that? Also at the kick off Saturday I heard people talking about already finding some of the caches. They were suppose to be released at the EVENT. PLEASE correct me if I am wrong. I cant imagine publishing a CAM cache 2 days after the start !
  3. Just the directions but its very good at getting you there
  4. At some point you are going to want to update the data base so you need to use a PC, perhaps a friends. The Jr is great right out of the box but it shows a limited amt of info. If you print out cache info I guess that would work. The Jr has a very good chip set so there is no problem locking on to the location. You will not be able to load pocket quiries. If you use the BB to get the name and cache info I think you will do fine with the Jr. but later on I think you will get a GPSer with more bells . HAPPY CACHING!!! PS. Target carries the JR but have not seen the updater there
  5. Hard Reset for 60CSX: 1) Power OFF 2) Hold Quit, Enter, and Out. Press Power. All data will be erased and Factory Default settings applied. Bob Thank you! i JUST TRIED THAT AND NOTHING HAPPENED
  6. Did you look on the site to see when the last time those cached were found? I think it only shows caches found within the last 6 months or so.
  7. Same as everyone with a non-mapping GPS does, I suppose." How do those with a non-mapping GPS get to the starting point? thanks You start out by looking at the map on GC.com. I think most people start with a non-mapping GPSer
  8. Last night I stopped to get my mail and as I got out of my car my 60 fell off my belt to the ground and then into a storm drain. I had to leave it there all night as I was going to work. This AM I went to the storm drain and opened the cover and retrieved my 60. I turned it on and its still works great just a small crack in the screen . Garmin makes good stuff!!!!!!
  9. My nephew kidnapped my JR for a road trip to Florida so I havent really used it much. Looking forward to his report.
  10. I am tring to figure out which unit you are talking about!
  11. Somewhere you mentioned that you would hope that retailers would keep an update cable in store . Do you mean that they would do updates on units before selling them?
  12. <content removed by moderator> From the guidelines: While it may not have been the OP's intent to really promote a store, the end result is that's what happens. We'd like to keep these forums for the personal exchange of equipment as noted. Thanks. - FSM
  13. That is true. I really thought there would be more interest in this.
  14. Garmin is offering a life time of map up-dates for $119. Sounds good to me. Comments?
  15. Have you looked on E.bay. I just bought a new in the box Zire31 for 64.00 Its color backlite and plays music
  16. Some of our Geo friends are hiking the AT from the Pa line to Harpers Ferry, WVA. Clueseeker loaned them a SPOT which alows us to track them in real time. Go to GC1DQTW ,2nd page log from Clueseeker and he has a link. It is really neat. The SPOT can send a 911 if they have a problem.
  17. Could you let us know what you found?
  18. I made a stick many years ago out of an old wooden closet rod. I ruffed it up with my pocket knife and stained it and made a strap for it. last year I carved my Geo name into it. I bought a thing at Walmart called a bottle pod I believe. It fits on a water bottle and also my stick. I havent seen them at WM lately but they are on-line.
  19. I admit I was a little harch and may have made the mistake of believing the news report. I appologise to the owner for jumping the gun. On the MGs site someone said they believe it was an MM container. I hope we can get this cleared up so we dont get a black eye. Have they ever reported on the CITO events?
  20. Ok Who was the jerk who planted an cache that looked like a pipe bomb in Baltimore? I just saw it on the the news. And it was near a Reserve center. OMG what was the owner thinking? We dont need bad publicity!!! I hope the owner is KICKED OUT of geocaching!!!!!!!
  21. I just recieved my La Cross from AMAZON, how do I check for the version?
  22. Just curious, was there any specific reasons for choosing the La Crosse over the Maha? http://www.thomas-distributing.com/la_cros...ery_charger.php http://www.thomas-distributing.com/maha-mh...ery-charger.php Norm They are basically the same unit . The La Crosse is $25.00 easier on the wallet. Thanks for all the help I just ordered the CROSS charger from AMAZON with free shipping!!
  23. Can you set all your caches for proximity alarms, if so how?
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