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Look what the cat dragged in!


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I've been a member here since 2004, and in May of 04 I stopped at a cache and picked up a TB. I kept it in my car so I wouldn't forget it if I went out caching. :rolleyes:

Shortly thereafter, I got into a car accident and my car was junked. I dropped out of caching because of college, and not having a GPSr anymore. That was nearly 4 years ago. I just recently got back into caching, and remembered this travel bug, and felt really guilty, especially since I believed it to be long gone into a pile of scrap metal.


I've lately slowly been sorting through bins and bins of old stuff I have; from when I still lived at my parents before I left for college. I just happened across an old plastic bag in one of the bins; lo and behold, it was the bag of stuff I cleaned out of my car before they towed it away to the junk yard. I got really excited, because I thought -MAYBE- the TB was in there!


And yay! It was!

I picked this TB up on May 16, 2004. I'm now happy to say that I'll be logging it into a cache in the near future!

It's neat to compare the old style of Bugs to the newer, much more resilient Bugs.


Is there some sort of record for the longest MIA?

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Is there some sort of record for the longest MIA?


The first bug is still MIA. :rolleyes::)


As for ones that are recovered, no I don't know the exact durations but I believe some have crossed the five year mark.


How ironic.


Boy, I'd love to see one pop up after a seven year absence. B)

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