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How to find public bookmark lists?

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Is there a way to search for Public Bookmark lists? Or, alternatively, caches that are part of public bookmark lists? This would be nice if you're going to a new area and you want to concentrate on caches that appear on someone's "Favorites" list, for example.


I also like the suggestion on the "what one thing would you improve" where caches can be given a 1-5 star rating.




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Once you've found a Bookmark List you like, is there a way to flag it for quick and easy future reference?


A function of your browser would be to bookmark the URL of that list. I have a folder of GC.com bookmarked lists saved in my browser Bookmarks.


Lep has suggested that each cacher have one more list with special coding ->a Favorites List.

Which would be searchable. Something like a PQ for caches that appear on two or more Favorites Lists.

I like this idea. (One more, because you have one already - the Ignore list).

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