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Curious about COG Spring Fling


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Yes! still going on!


From what i understand we are just having a little disagreement with Groundspeak. Swifteroo is in negotiations now with Mr. Michael about this. From what i understand they don't like the fact that our cache page (GC15P52) links to a website (SF4 Event Page) that links to the COG page (COG) that has a shopping cart (no way i am linking to that one) that lets you purchase pre-registration tickets, and food vouchers for the event.


too close to being commercial.. :o


We will be holding the event, even if we have to take all information off the event page and just give a time and a set of coordinates

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Hey Folks,


Yes the Spring Fling event will be happening and Yes you will be able to get your smiley. lol.


I have been in Discussions with Groundspeak for the past week and have been made fully aware of their regulations and reasoning for page disabling.


Their requests are not unreasonable and we are working with them to have the page listed to those specifications. While there was some confusion surrounding the reasons for closure, I did not speculate, nor did I assume that this had happened for the wrong reasons.


I will not turn this forum into an avenue for speculation and finger pointing. This is the main reason I avoid these forums in the first place. If any of you have questions about what occurred through this process, please contact me directly and if I have time, I will respond to you.


Please tell all of your friends and other cachers about this event! we are poised to have the biggest and best event we have ever had!


Please note that full details of the event, costs and proceedings of the day will be made available to our website at http://www.centralontariogeocachers.com/SF4/


If you require any event information, please direct your inquiries to the "Contact Us" page of this site! Thanks fellow Geocachers and we hope to see you at the event!



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